Research Facilities

The Department of Psychology occupies space in Percival Stern Hall (Science Center), where our main office (Phone: 504-865-5331) is located, as well as in Newcomb Hall and University Square. Laboratories for student and faculty research are maintained in the various specialty areas. Many laboratory rooms are both temperature-and-light-controlled. Some are electronically shielded, sound deadened, and have one-way vision mirrors and intercommunication systems. The Department has extensive computer facilities for use in faculty and student research, document preparation, and internet use. A computer classroom with internet access was added several years ago. The Newcomb Children's Center (nursery school and child-care center), the Hebert facilities at Riverside for natural observation of animals, the laboratories at the Tulane National Primate Research Center, and the Audubon Zoological Gardens are available as research sites for members of the Department. There are also opportunities for research in organizations in the New Orleans area and in public and private schools in the city and surrounding parishes.

Tulane Technology Services provides microcomputing and mainframe support, volume discounts on licensed software and hardware purchases, email, web, and storage facilities, as well as tutorials and courses in computer use, access to the network facilities, mainframe computational support, and wireless web and off campus dial-in service. PsycINFO, Medline, and many other databases are accessible on-line through the Tulane University library catalogs. Tulane University libraries have more than 2 million volumes, plus 11,000 current serial subscriptions (including on-line subscriptions to APA journals), and approximately 1,200,000 microforms. The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, which is across the street from Stern Hall, houses nearly all of the relevant journals and volumes of current interest to psychology.