The Psychology Department at Tulane University is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the human mind and behavior through cutting-edge research, evidence-informed teaching and training, and service and engagement with the broader community. A commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion is crucial to this mission. We strive to create a welcoming environment that recruits, retains, and supports a diverse workforce and student body and fosters inclusion and belonging.


Our research is conducted across multiple levels of analysis, from basic science and the neural bases of behavior, to the broader social and cultural factors that shape human experiences. We seek to generate knowledge that improves the human condition and to train both graduate and undergraduate students in ethical, innovative, and collaborative research practices.


We are dedicated to providing our students with a comprehensive education in psychology, emphasizing both scientific foundations and practical applications. In our classrooms and our laboratories, we promote knowledge and application of key concepts, theories, ethical considerations, and empirical findings. We also promote curiosity and scientific inquiry, data literacy, and effective communication skills.


We are committed to exchanging knowledge with the broader community and applying our research to real-world challenges. Through our service work across the department, university, and profession, as well as through our engagement with community partners and the translation of our findings into policy and practice, we seek to broaden the impact of the science of psychology, improve well-being, and address the pressing issues of our time. 

Please see our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Mission statement here