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Current Students

Justin Carreras

Justin Carreras works with Dr. Sarah Gray. He is interested in the role of emotion regulation in the psychosocial development of children in high-stress environments. Additionally, he is interested in the quality of parent-child interactions in these stressful contexts, and the potential protective or harmful effect they may have on children’s exposure to psychological stressors.

E-mail: jcarrera@tulane.edu


Veronica Coriano

Veronica Coriano works with Dr. Courtney Baker. She is interested in promoting mental health and academic success in traditionally underserved populations, particularly ethnic minority youth. She hopes to develop and implement evidence-based programming with an appropriate balance of treatment fidelity and cultural adaptation in order to best serve the specific needs of ethnic minority youth. Veronica is committed to using a community-based participatory research method to ensure that programming is not only acceptable to the community that it is intended to target, but also aims to promote success in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the population it is intended to serve.

E-mail: vcoriano@tulane.edu


Laura Cornell

Laura Cornell works with Dr. Bonnie Nastasi using a participatory model to build culturally-specific, comprehensive mental health programs in schools.  Her previous work as a teacher and administrator in New Orleans schools led to her research interests in facilitators and barriers to the implementation of such programs and the specific role of administrative support.

E-mail: lcornell@tulane.edu


Monica Daniels

Monica Daniels works with Dr. Stacy Overstreet and Dr. Courtney Baker. She is interested in developing key practices that help trauma-informed supports and services become more sustainable in schools. In order to maintain sustainability, Monica intends to examine clinica intervention implementation and parental empowerment during the clinical process. Monica's background includes working with various public education systems on the implementation of trauma-informed strategies through coaching and mentoring.

E-mail: mdaniels1@tulane.edu


Whitney Davis

Whitney Davis works with Dr. Stacy Overstreet. She is interested in developing easily replicable methods to identify children affected by community-violence related trauma and PTSD. It is in this vein that she intends to examine the role and effectiveness of universal trauma screenings in schools that have adopted a trauma-informed approach. She is interested in evaluating the relationship between trauma-focused early interventions and academic, behavioral, and social outcomes. Additionally, she aims to explore task-driven efficacy programs to determine if they will assist with improving self-esteem and self-efficacy in trauma exposed children living in urban environments.

E-mail: wdavis8@tulane.edu


Erin Glackin

Erin Glackin works with Dr. Sarah Gray. She is interested in the effects of early exposure to trauma on the development of heightened stress response, emotional dysregulation, cognitive abilities, internalizing and externalizing symptomatology, and resilience. She hopes to contribute to the development and implementation of school-based interventions for trauma-exposed and juvenile justice-involved youth.

E-mail: eglackin@tulane.edu


Ginny Hatch

Ginny Hatch works with Dr. Sarah Gray. She is interested in the impact of parenting and contextual stressors on children's developing social-emotional skills and later school readiness. Specifically, she is interested in how parent-child interactions act as a buffer to early life stress.

E-mail: vhatch@tulane.edu


Jarrad Hodge

Jarrad D. Hodge works in Dr. Bonnie Nastasi's lab. He has a background in education and his research interests include optimal developmental outcomes for the enrichment of ethnic minority youths, primarily those that identify as black. He is interested in exploring parental involvement, peer socialization, self-perception, and racial-identity development as they related to upward mobility and academic achievement. Additionally, he is interested in the effect that media depiction has on racial-identity in black youth.

E-mail: jhodge2@tulane.edu


Liz McIntyre

Liz McIntyre works with Dr. Stacy Overstreet. Her research interests center on enhancing school-based mental health services to serve trauma-exposed children and youth.  Liz is currently working with Dr. Overstreet and Dr. Baker to measure and evaluate a professional development training in trauma-informed practices for staff of six local charter schools.

E-mail: emcinty1@tulane.edu


Stephanie Moberg

Stephanie Moberg works with Dr. Courtney Baker. Her research interests are focused on the developmental and contextual factors that influence and promote resilience in young children with histories of early adversity and/or trauma. She hopes to use the findings from her research interests to inform early intervention programming and practices with a focus on supporting positive educational and developmental outcomes.

E-mail: smoberg@tulane.edu


Claire Noonan

Claire Noonan works in Dr. Julie Markant's Learning & Brain Development Lab. Her research interests center around identifying early markers for developmental disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Specifically, her current work uses eye tracking to investigate face processing and gaze cueing in 6-month-olds. Her career goals include working clinically with children with neurodevelopmental disorders, carrying out infant development research and teaching.
E-mail: cnoonan@tulane.edu


Elsia Obus

Elsia Obus works with Dr. Sarah Gray. She is interested in the effects of early life stress and trauma on children's development of executive function and socioemotional skills. She is particularly interested in pathways to resilience for children who have experienced parental loss or incarceration.

E-mail: eobus@tulane.edu


Andrew Orapallo

Andrew Orapallo works with Dr. Courtney Baker. His research interests focus on the dissemination and implementation of evidenced-based interventions for young children with early exposure to trauma and/or adversity. He is particularly interested in developing and evaluating sustainable early intervention programs and practices for trauma-exposed youth with an emphasis on supporting positive social-emotional development and academic outcomes.

E-mail: aorapallo@tulane.edu


Stephanie Oshrin

Stephanie Oshrin works with Dr. Bonnie Nastasi. Her background is in secondary education and school leadership in the New Orleans area. She is interested in the implementation of school-based mental health programs and trauma-informed practices. She plans to examine how factors such as teacher turnover and school governance influence academic outcomes and resilience in children who have experienced trauma

E-mail: soshrin@tulane.edu


Haley Peele

Haley Peele works with Dr. Bonnie Nastasi. Her research focuses on implicit biases and attributional stereotyping resulting in the "pushout" of black girls from schools (both traditional schools and those in detention settings) and how to interrupt this cycle with participatory model programming for administrators, teachers, and students.

E-mail: hpeele@tulane.edu


Lea Petrovic

Lea Petrovic works with Dr. Stacy Overstreet. Her research interests focus on how risk factors in trauma-exposed youth may influence child psychopathology and how to best promote protective factors in schools.  Lea is committed to improving mental health services in schools in order to make treatment services more accessible to children facing adversity.

E-mail: lpetrovi@tulane.edu


Chloe Pickett

Chloe Pickett works with Dr. Gray.

E-mail: cpickett1@tulane.edu


Marianna Quinn

Mariana Quinn works with Dr. Cunningham. She is interested in examining stress and resilience amongst students of color, particularly female students. More specifically, she would like to study students' transition from middle school to high school in order to understand how to promote positive academic, social, and behavioral outcomes during this time. She is also interested in studying the effectiveness of school interventions and the ways that they can be created to foster optimal social, emotional, and psychological development.

E-mail: mquinn6@tulane.edu


Megan Saybe

Megan Saybe works with Dr. Courtney Baker. She has a background in special education and her research interests include the use of embedded early intervention practices with young children in schools and community outreach settings. She also hopes to explore the impact teacher outreach and training has on the effectiveness of embedded interventions.

E-mail: msaybe@tulane.edu


Katie Simon

Katie Simon works with Dr. Stacy Overstreet.  Her research focuses on understanding the factors that support students’ psychological and behavioral health in schools. Specifically, Katie is interested in evaluating the impact and implementation of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Trauma-Informed school-based initiatives. Her current project focuses on evaluating the efficacy of an evidence-based SEL program in a local charter school.  Additionally, she serves as a member of the Trauma-Informed Schools Learning Collaborative, a multidisciplinary team working to build schools’ capacities to create learning environments that recognize and respond to the needs of trauma-exposed youth.

E-mail: ksimon3@tulane.edu


Sydney Wing

Sydney Wing works in Dr. Bonnie Nastasi's lab. Her research interest is culturally compatible and appropriate mental health promotion, with special focus on African American and Latino children and adolescents. Sydney has been involved in research in the Dominican Republic and Peru, concentrating on the cultural nuances of mental health and appropriate promotion of services. Sydney is an advocate of providing culturally-inclusive mental health resources for communities and schools in the greater New Orleans area.

E-mail: swing1@tulane.edu


Ashlee Yates

Ashlee K. Yates works with Dr. Michael Cunningham. She is interested in the identity development of adolescents of color, particularly those identifying as Black. She would like to explore the effects of perceived racism on identity development, academic success, and social emotional intelligence with children of high-earning families of color. She is also interested in academic socialization and the exploration of cultural influences on post-secondary choices.

E-mail ayates2@tulane.edu