Health Psychology

Graduate Certificate Program

Students enrolled in the Psychological Science Ph.D. program may elect to focus on health psychology. Students complete all the usual requirements of the Psychological Science Ph.D. , with 15 of the usual 29 elective credits being in health psychology (as below). Psychology Ph.D. students completing this sequence will earn a graduate certificate in Health Psychology when their Ph.D. is awarded.

The required courses comprise:

Core Health Psychology Courses (Required)

  • Health Psychology I (PSYC 6700)
  • Health Psychology II (PSYC 6710)
  • Research Methods and Data Analysis in Behavioral Health (PSYC 6620)

Content Depth Requirement (Choose at least 1)

  • Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment (PSYC 6800) Behavioral and Cognitive Intervention (PSYC 7630)
  • Advanced Studies in Psychology: Psycho-Oncology
  • (PSYC 6610) Disease-specific course offered by another department (Graduate Training Committee approval required)

Advanced Training in Methodology or Pedagogy (Choose at least 1)

  • Hierarchical Linear Modeling (PSYC 7420)
  • Linear Structural Equation Modeling (PSYC 7450)
  • College Teaching Pedagogy (PSYC 7240)
  • Advanced statistical course offered by another department (e.g., R, SAS, STATA, ArcGIS, Meta-Analysis; Graduate Training Committee approval required)