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Incoming Graduate Student Resources

Important Note:  When you send an email inquiry, make sure to include your Tulane Student (Splash ID) Number.  By including your Student (Splash ID) Number, it will make it easier for people to assist you.

When you are working on your budget for graduate school, you need to look at several areas including, but not limited to: Tuition, Required Fees, Health Insurance, Housing, Food, Transportation, and Financial Aid.  It is always best to start with financial aid and reviewing the Cost of Attendance.  Below are a list of resources at Tulane University that you can use in planning your budget, enrolling in classes,  paying your tuition bill and other important resources available to you at Tulane.

Planning your Graduate Student Budget Resources

Tulane Financial Aid has information regarding tuition assistance and Cost of Attendance:

Tulane Financial Aid
Tulane Campus Services:

Tulane Graduate Student Housing is limited but please contact the manager for Deming: 
Graduate Student Housing
Tulane Campus Health

Tulane Off Campus Living Guide

The Tulane Off-Campus Living Guide is a wonderful resource for graduate students living off campus/non-Tulane housing


Enrolling in Classes and Tulane Academic Calendar

Registration for Classes
Check with your Department Advisor prior to enrolling in classes.
You register for classes through Tulane Gibson Online / or go directly to the Schedule of Classes

Once you enroll, don't forget to get your Tulane Student ID card (Splash Card)

Tulane ID Splash Card

Academic Calendar (When do classes start?/When are finals?)

The Tulane Registrar publishes the Tulane Academic Calendars


Tulane Tuition and Billing

Due to the current high volume of course registrations, the process may take up to 21 days

Tulane Accounts Receivable
Most PhD students receive full tuition funding (not including required fees) which is included in the offer of admission.

MS students may receive a special tuition discount (which would be included in the offer of admission) based on department recommendation or financial need.
Certificate Program only students (US Military, Federal or State Employees) may also qualify for a special tuition rate (which is included on the offers of admission).

Billing adjustments are done manually so it usually takes between 5 to 10 business days for your bills to be adjusted.  You will not be penalized if your billing adjustment is not done before your bill is due to be paid.  If your bill has not been adjusted and a payment is due, it is recommended that you pay what you know you owe (your portion of the bill if the bill had been adjusted).  If you are uncertain about what you owe (what you are responsible for paying), you may want to sign up for the payment plan (or if you are a student employee - the payroll deduction plan) in order to have your bill paid in a timely manner.  

For Example:  If your tuition bill is $30,000 but your know that you were offered a tuition discount/waiver/scholarship and your tuition will be corrected to be $10,000, then you should pay $10,000 (the amount that you know that you owe).


Other Tulane Resources

Tulane Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) : https://ogps.tulane.edu/

The OGPS office has many resources for graduate students.  Please check out their website as they sponsor the Incoming Tulane Graduate Orientation and other events and workshops.

Tulane Technology Services for Students

Tulane Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) :  https://oiss.tulane.edu/

Tulane Bookstore (Located on the Uptown Campus) - https://tulane.bncollege.com/

Tulane Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusionhttps://edi.tulane.edu/

Tulane Goldman Center for Accessibilityhttps://accessibility.tulane.edu/

Reilly Recreation Center (Located on the Uptown Campus)https://campusrecreation.tulane.edu/

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library (HTML)https://library.tulane.edu/

Student Employment
Most PhD students are offered Student Employment as either a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant.  Your department should be authorizing Student Employment to send you a hiring packet. You will need a US Bank Account in order to complete the hiring packet.  In addition, to complete the I9 portion of the hiring packet, you will need to be on campus and bring the necessary documents to complete the hiring process.
If you are an incoming graduate student who was not offered employment as a part of your admissions offer, you can search jobs using the Tulane Student Employment website.
International Tax Office
If you are an international student being supported by or paid by Tulane University, you will need to complete your Glacier hiring form and if you have any other questions regarding taxes, you will need to reach out to the Tulane International Tax Office.