Professionalism Reporting

Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity. The Tulane University School of Science & Engineering is committed to ensuring an environment where all members of the SSE community are treated with decency and respect. The SSE Professionalism Program is part of our efforts to provide this environment.

Individuals may report concerns about all aspects of the work/learning environment through the Concerns link. SSE aims to hold accountable those who do not uphold the tenets of professional workplace behavior. Early intervention is important to prevent concerning behavior from escalating. Each report will be investigated following the method of the Professionalism Pyramid for Graduated Interventions first developed at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine.

Exemplary behavior by individuals who are exceptional role models for professionalism may also be reported through the Kudos link and will be acknowledged.

A link to the Tulane University Campus Reporting Form is also included below.



Tulane University Campus Reporting Form

Professionalism Reporting