The primary mission of the Department of Chemistry at Tulane University is two-fold. On the teaching front, its goal is to teach chemistry to a diverse group of students that includes non-majors, majors, and graduate students. The department provides opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in scientific research and to obtain a B.S. degree in chemistry certified by the American Chemical Society. As a Ph.D. granting department in a research university, a major aspect of the departmental research mission is discovering and understanding new chemical processes and principles. Such research efforts relate intimately to the mission of graduate training.

Our department seeks to develop within our students the state-of-the-art intellectual and technical tools that they will need to have meaningful and successful careers as scientists within the field of chemistry or in allied disciplines within the physical or health sciences. We strive to achieve this goal by providing challenging but insightful instruction in the classroom for both undergraduate and graduate students as well as maintain competitive, nationally recognized research programs within the major disciplines of chemistry.