2024 Young Investigator Symposium

The 2024 Young Investigator Symposium will take place on Saturday, April 20, 2024.

Symposium Brochure 2024

The Young Investigator Symposium is designed to enhance the breadth of students’ knowledge by exposing them to the research of their peers.  The symposium is composed of oral and poster presentations given by chemistry graduate students.  A committee of graduate students participate in the organization of the symposium in order to gain experience participating and organizing conferences.

Prizes are awarded for the top oral presentations as determined by a committee of faculty judges.  A prize for the best poster presentation is also awarded based on votes of the attendees. 

Jonassen Lectures

Each year the Department of Chemistry at Tulane University invites an outstanding inorganic chemist to present the Hans B. Jonassen Lecture

Beers Of the World

Every January the Department of Chemistry honors outstanding graduate students at the "Harry Ensley Winter Awards Event"


The Chemistry Department comes together at the fall and spring semester barbecues. In September, the department welcomes the incoming graduate students at the fall barbecue, and in May bids farewell to their graduates at the spring barbecue.