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MS Degrees Awarded


Harrison Rahn
"Functionalized Luciferins for Applications in Supramolecular Chemistry: Development Towards IN VIVO Light Switches"
Research Advisor: Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah
May 2, 2017


Jennifer Marple
"Exploring the Applications of Polyester-Based Dendrimers and Hyperbranched Polymers"
Research Advisor: Scott Grayson
June 13, 2016


Tingting Feng
"Ru(II) Diimine Complex Chromophores for Application in Photodynamic Therapy: Singlet Oxygen Sensitizers and Substitutionally Photolabile Complexes"
Research Advisor: Russ Schmehl
November 24, 2015

Bing Shan
"Photoinduced Electron Transfer Systems for Generation of Strong Reductants/Oxidants and Their Applications in Solar Fuel Generation"
Research Advisor: Russ Schmehl
June 29, 2015

Jianan Tang
"Development of Beam Stabilization and Phase Modulation Units for 2DIR Instrument"
Research Advisor: Igor Rubtsov
June 12, 2015


Yi Wang (Internship, Well Supreme BioScience, California)
"Amphiphilic Homopolymers: Architectures, Synthesis and Characterization"
Research Advisor: Scott Grayson
June 2014


Zachary Williams
"A Study of the Formation of Carbon-Based Tubular Constructs and the Effects of An External Field"
Research Advisor: B. Koplitz
February 2012


Margaret Rountree [Medical School]
"pH Dependence and Thermodynamic Parameters for B-Glucosidase Catalyzed Reactions"
Research Advisor: Larry Byers
July 2011


Heng Shen
"Enzymatic Degradation of Cellulose"
Research Advisor: L. Byers

Xun Huang
"Numerical Studies Concerning the Efficiency of Various Techniques in Time-Independent Surface Hopping Calculations"
Research Advisor: M. Herman

Dmitry Kurochkin
"Relaxation-Assisted 2D IR Spectroscopy Method"
Research Advisor: I. Rubtsov


Huiqing Li
"Synthesis of b-(1->3) D-Glucans Building Blocks and a Pentascaccharide Derivative"
Research Advisor: H. Ensley