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Jonassen Lectures

Each year the Department of Chemistry at Tulane University invites an outstanding inorganic chemist to present the Hans B. Jonassen Lecture.  This endowed lecture series in Hans Jonassen's name was established to honor his long career at Tulane University and now serves as a memorial to his many contributions to Tulane and to inorganic chemistry.  Since the inauguration of the lecture in 1990, it has attracted a group of excellent chemists, including several Nobel Laureates and a number of National Academy members. 

Dr. Jonassen was a Professor of Chemistry at Tulane from 1946 until his retirement in 1989.  In addition to teaching generations of students, Dr. Jonassen held three patents, served as a consultant for many international organizations, and wrote over 165 scientific articles and other publications.  Active in civic affairs, he received the International Understanding Award from the YMCA of the United States during the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans.  A year later, the YMCA of Greater New Orleans named him the Humanitarian of the Year.  Dr. Jonassen passed away on January 3, 1998.

2023 Jonassen Lecture Series Guest Speaker

Christopher C. Cummins, MIT

Past Guest Speakers ▾

2022   John Gladysz, Texas A&M University

2021   Lecture postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions

2020   Lecture postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions

2019   Tom Rauchfuss, University of Illinois

2018   Rich Eisenberg, University of Rochester

2017   Kenneth Raymond, University of California, Berkeley

2016   Daniel Nocera, Harvard University

2015   Philip P. Power, University of California, Davis

2014   Alan Cowley, University of Texas at Austin

2013   Cliff Kubiak, University of California, San Diego

2012   Don Darensbourg & Marcetta Y. Darensbourg, Texas A&M

2011   Maurice Brookhart, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2010   Robert G. Bergman, University of California, Berkeley

2009   Edward I. Solomon, Stanford University

2008   Frederick Hawthorne, University of California, Los Angeles

2007   Robert West, University of Wisconsin - Madison

2006   No lecture due to Hurricane Katrina

2005   Robert Grubbs - Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005, California Institute of Technology

2004   Tobin J. Marks, Northwestern University

2002   Richard R. Schrock - Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2001   Thomas J. Meyer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2000   John E. Bercaw, California Institute of Technology

2000   Stephen J. Lippard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1999   Jim Ibers, Northwestern University

1998   Larry Dahl, University of Wisconsin - Madison

1997   Theodore L. Brown, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1996   Jim Collman, Stanford University

1995   Jack Halpern, University of Chicago

1994   Daryle H. Busch, University of Kansas

1993   F. Albert Cotton, Texas A&M

1992   Henry Taube - Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1983, Stanford University

1991   Harry B. Gray, California Institute of Technology

1990   Fred Basolo, Northwestern University