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Brent Koplitz


5079 Percival Stern Building

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Education & Affiliations

Ph.D., 1985, Princeton


Research efforts in our group revolve around using lasers to initiate and study chemistry. A variety of lasers are employed to investigate problems in areas ranging from gas-phase Doppler spectroscopy to laser-assisted thin-film growth. Mass spectrometers are used extensively for product detection, but materials characterization methods such as x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) are enjoying increasing popularity within our group.


Physical Chemistry

Selected Publications

"On the Fluence Dependence of Laser-Induced Metal-Interlayer Formation in Pd-Metallized Polymers" Folasade Faulkner, Steven Simpson, Gilda Miner, Diane Stoakley, Michael Johnson, Shane McGlynn, Xiaodong Zhang, and Brent Koplitz, Applied Surface Science (submitted).

"On the Mechanism of Carbon Assembly in Laser Ablated Plumes of Fullerenes" Xiaodong Zhang, Arun Narayan, Michael Johnson, and Brent Koplitz, Carbon (submitted).

"Using Anisotropy Measurements from A-Band Photodissociation to Interrogate the Excited States of H2Se"Xiaodong Zhang, Michael Johnson, and Brent Koplitz, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117, 11963-9 (2013).

"Double Beam Pulsed Laser Deposition of Composite Films of Poly(methylmethacrylate) and Rare Earth Fluoride Upconversion Phosphors"
Abdalla M. Darwish, Michael Tavita Sagapolutele. Sergey Sarkisov, Darayas Patel, David Hui, and Brent Koplitz, Composites: Part B, 55, 139-46 (2013).

"Laser-Induced Fabrication of Metallic Interlayers and Patterns in Polyimide Films" G. Miner, D. Stoakley, G. Gaddy, S. Simpson, M. Lynch, S. Ruffner, and B. Koplitz, NASA-Langley and Tulane University, patent # 7,758,927, awarded July 20, 2010.