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CHEM 2420 Organic Chemistry II
Prerequisites: 2410 (Organic Chemistry I) and 2430 (Organic Lab I). Corequisite: 2440 (Organic Lab II).
CHEM 242 is a continuation of 241 with emphasis on the chemistry of organic functional groups. The course covers conjugated double bonds, aromaticity, aromatic reactions, alcohols, carbonyls, carboxylic acid derivatives, amines, and a brief introduction to biochemistry.  It is typically offered in the Spring semester.

CHEM 3890 Chemistry in the Community
CHEM 3890 is a one credit independent study service learning course designed to offer junior and senior undergraduates an opportunity to develop science communication skills by designing, setting up, and explaining a series of demonstrations for local high school chemistry classes.  For Spring 2012, we plan to work with the AP Chemistry class at Edna Karr High School (West Bank) and will require Tulane students who are enrolled to provide additional tutoring hours to assist these students in preparing for their AP test.

CHEM 7410 Advanced Organic Chemistry; Physical Organic
CHEM 7410 is a detailed investigation of the fundamentals of organic chemistry. The course covers the concepts of molecular orbital theory, thermodynamics and kinetics as applicable to organic synthesis. The course also discusses the concepts of steric and electronic effects and their effect on organic reactivity. Reactive intermediates, and a variety of general reaction types are covered as case studies.  It is typically offered in the Fall semester.

CHEM 7430 Advanced Polymer Chemistry
CHEM 7430 attempts to provide an overview of polymer chemistry with a particular focus for those interested in the practical aspects for carrying out related research. The course seeks to carry out a general overview of the synthetic methods and characterization of polymeric materials. In addition, the applications of polymeric material for electronic, lithographic, and medical applications will be highlighted.  It is typically offered every other year.