Former Students

PhD Students

PhD Dissertation Title Grad year Time to Degree Advisor Current Position
Dana Ferranti   2023      
Zachary Bradshaw Explorations in mathematical physics 2023 5 Moll Research Scientist, Dept of Defense
Thai Nguyen Symbolic powers of monomial ideals and ideals of points 2022 5 Ha Postdoc, McMaster University
Vaishavi Sharma Studies on the valuation of sequences 2022 6 Moll Postdoc, Ohio State University
Aram R. Bingham Clans, Sects, and Symmetric Spaces of Hermitian Type 2021 6 Can Colorado School of Mines
Rosa Maria Fuster Aguilera Qualitative Analysis of a PDE Model for Chemotaxis with Logarithmic Sensitivity and Logistic Growth 2021 5 Zhao Postdoc, University of Colorado - Boulder
Yiyang She Strong Gelfand Subgroups of Z/p Sn 2021 5 Can Math Olympiad Trainer, Shanghai, China
Sankhaneel Bisui Stable Harbourne-Huneke Containment and Lower Bounds on Waldschmidt Constant 2021 5 Ha Postdoc, University of Manitoba
Joseph W. Skelton Symbolic Powers of Squarefree Monomial Ideals Associated to Graphs 2021 5 Ha Postdoc, Clemson University
Abu Chackalamannil Thomas Regularity and Resurgence Number of Homogeneous Ideals 2021 6 Ha Faculty, Dickinson College
Kristina Vandusen A Comparison of Negative-Dimensional Integration Techniques 2021 6 Moll Faculty, Southeastern Louisiana University
Diego Villamizar Rubiano Combinatorial and Arithmetical properties of families of sequences 2021 5 Moll  
Tien Minh Le Diagonal Orbits in Double Flag Varieties 2020 6 Can Lecturer, Tulane University
Jaime Lopez-Merizalde Optimized Reduced Models for Discrete Fracture Networks Used in Modeling Particle Flow and Transport 2020 7 Hyman Machine Learning Intern, SharpestMinds
Jonathan L. O'Rourke Local Cohomology and Regularity of Powers of Monomial Ideals 2020 5 Ha Faculty, New Mexico State University
Robyn K. Brooks Arrow Polynomials as the Limits of Configuration Space Integrals 2020 5 Komendarczyk Postdoc, Boston College
Pengfei Li Statistical Models for the Analysis of Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Datasets 2020 6 Lacey Data Scientist, VISA
Lin Li Improved Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods for Integrating High Dimension Functions 2020 5 Hyman Research Engineer, TUSimple
Sushovan Majhi Topological Methods in Shape Reconstruction and Comparison 2020 6 Wenk Postdoc, UC - Berkeley
Benjamin Cooper Boniece On Scale Invariance and Wavelet Analysis: Transience, Operator Fractional Levy Motion and High-Dimensional Inference 2019 6 Didier Faculty, Drexel University
Melanie Jensen Inference of Biophysical States of Microparticles From Particle Tracking Data 2019 5 McKinley     
Lukasz Sikora Subdiffusion Through Switching 2019 7 McKinley Data Scientist, Kaggle
Yunqi Zhao The Effect of Spatial Structure on the Persistence of Stem Cell Populations 2019 5 McKinley Statistician, Takeda
Zhe Qu High-Dimensional Statistical  Data Integration 2019 5 Hyman  
Li Guan Improving Infectious Disease Transmission Models That Account for Variations in Transmissibility and Behavior 2019 4 Hyman Risk Manager, Citi
Safak Ozden Stability of the Centers of the Symplectic Group Rings Z[S_p_2n(q)] 2019 5 Ha  
Asma Azizi Boroojeni Mathematical Models for Predicting and Mitigating the Spread of Chlamydia Sexually Transmitted Infection 2018 6 Hyman Faculty, Kennesaw State University
Ellis K. Fenske Anonymity and Linkability 2018 7 Mislove Faculty, US Naval Academy

Aleksandra Gorzycka
Bayesian Updating and Statistical Inference for Beta-Binomial Models 2018 6 Lacey Faculty, University of Miami
Roseanna Gossmann The Elastohydrodynamics of Simplified Model of Human Birth 2018 5 Fauci Teacher, Bard High School
Tri Ngo A Rigorous Proof of Some Heuristic Rules in the Method of Brackets to Evaluate Definite Integrals 2018 5 Moll Faculty, University of New Orleans
Hung Dang Nguyen Anomalous Diffusion and the Generalized Langevin Equation 2018 3 McKinley Postdoc, UCLA
Fang Sun Topological Symmetries of R3 2018 6 Kwasik  
Ozlem Ugurlu Counting Borel Orbits in Classical Symmetric Varieties 2018 5 Can Faculty, Saint Louis University
Selvi Beyarslan Regularity of Powers of Edge Ideals 2017 5 Ha Faculty, University of South Alabama
Xiao Guan Methods in Symbolic Computation and p-Adic Valuations of Polynomials 2017 5 Moll Data Scientist, eBay
Selcuk Karakoc On Minimum Homotopy Areas 2017 4 Tipler Data Scientist, Source
Aashita Kesarwani Theory of the Generalized Modified Bessel Function Kz,w (X) and 2-Adic Valuations of Integer Sequences 2017 5 Moll Data Scientist, Harvey Mudd College
Hui Li Wavelet-Based Estimation for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Mixed Fractional Processes 2017 5 Didier Statistician, Johnson & Johnson
Forest Mannan Singly-Periodic Flow and Simulation of Cilia 2017 5 Cortez Faculty, Western Colorado University
Kui Zhang Asymptotic Theory For the Statistical Analysis of Anomalous Diffusion in Single Particle Tracking Experiments 2017 5 Didier  
Shanshan Jiang A Simple Model of Oscillators Coupled Through Fluid: Effect of Reynolds Number 2016 6 Fauci Data Scientist, Nestle
Lin Jiu The Method of Brackets and the Bernoulli Symbol 2016 5 Moll Faculty, Duke Kunshan University
Zhuolin Qu Fast Operator Splitting Methods for NonLinear PDEs 2016 5 Kurganov aculty, University of Texas - San Antonio
Mengyao Sun Algebraic Properties of Squarefree Monomial Ideals 2016 5 Ha  
Tong Wu Adaptive Moving Mesh Central-Upwind Schemes 2016 5 Kurganov Faculty, University of Texas - San Antonio
Elham Ahmadi Boundary Intergral Formulation for Flows Containing an Interface Between Two Porous Media 2016 6 Cortez  
Yuanzhen Cheng Central-Upwind Schemes 2016 5 Kurganov  
Tyler C. Barker A Monad For Randomized Algorithms 2016 5 Mislove  
Shumo Cui Well-Balanced Central Upwind Schemes 2015 5 Kurganov Faculty, SUSTech
Franz Hoffmann A Numerical Method for Doubly-Periodic Stokes Flow in 3D with and without a Bounding Plane 2015 5 Cortez Software Developer, SAP
Kelley Brook Johnson Multiplicativity of the Euler Characteristic 2015 4 Kwasik  
Huicong Li Reaction Diffusion Equations on Domians with Thin Layers 2015 5 Wang Faculty, Sun Yat-Sen University
Andreas V. Michaelides Lower Bounds for RopeLength of Links Via Higher Linking Numbers and Other Finite Type Invariants 2015 6 Komendarczyk  
Qiang Yang Macroscopic Fiber Motion in a Polymeric Fluid Driven by a Four Roll Mill 2015 5 Fauci Data Scientist, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
Dmitry V. Kurochkin Numerical Method for Constrained Optimization Problems Governed by Nonlinear Hyberbolic Systems of PDEs 2015 9 Kurganov Research Analyst, Harvard University
Peter L. Bierhorst A Mathematical Foundation for Locality 2014 6 Mislove Faculty, University of New Orleans
Jianjun Huang The Interaction Between Toroidal Simmers in Stokes Flow 2014 5 Fauci  
Qingyang Luo Integrated Analysis of Genomic and Longitudinal Clinical Data 2014 5 Lacey  
Tian Xiang Global Dynamics of the Local and Nonlocal Patlak-Keller-Segel Chemotazis Systems 2014 4 Wang Faculty, Remmin University
K. Nicole Meyer Distance-weighted neighboring sites models for methylation pattern inheritance 2013   Lacey Faculty, Georgetown University
Tim Twelbeck Shellability of the Bruhat Order on Borel Orbit Closures 2013 5 Can  
Armin Straub Arithmetic aspects of random walks and methods in definite integration 2012 6 Moll Faculty, University of South Alabama
Hoang-Ngan Nguyen Error-reducing corrections for the method of regularized Stokeslet for fluid-membrane interactions 2012   Cortez Faculty, Miami-Dade College
Jason M. Miller Central-upwind schemes for shallow water models and tsunami wave dynamics 2012 5 Kurganov Lab Staff, Johns Hopkins University
Jason Calmes Estimating the probability of accurate phylogeny reconstruction by quartet aggregation 2012   Lacey Faculty, Tulane University
Jeffrey D. Pullen Complete coverage probability of polyhedra 2012   Komendarczyk Faculty, Mercer University
Michael J. Pollack Semi-discrete central-upwind schemes for elasticity in a heterogeneous media 2012   Kurganov Faculty, Columbia State Community College
Marian Hernandez-Viera A method to model membrane permeability 2012 6 Cortez Faculty, University of South Florida
Shanshan Shen Error analysis on the blob projection method for immersed boundary problems 2012   Cortez  
Yu Liu Numerical approximations of nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws 2012   Kurganov  
Qi Wang Reaction-diffusion systems involving cross-diffusions 2012 5 Wang Faculty, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Augustine B. O'Keefe Cohen-Macaulay toric rings arising from finite graphs 2012 6 Ha Faculty, Connecticut College
Cody Pond Effective Boundary Conditions on Coated Bodies 2011 5 Wang  
Charles D. Maggio Interactions of calcium dynamics, muscle forces, and tissue properties in a model of uterine fluid flow and embryo transport 2011 5   Cummins    Lab Director, University of Oregon
Johnny Feng Domain Theoretic Structures in Quantum Information Theory 2011   Martin, Mislove  
Karen T. Kohl Algorithmic methods for definite integration 2011   Moll Faculty, University of Southern Mississippi
Patrick Corbin Tangential stabilization of spherical spaceforms 2011 5 Kwasik Database Developer, Greenup Industries
Todor Todorov Desuspending involutions on S1 times Sn. Concordance classes of homeomorphisms of S1 times RPn 2011   Kwasik  
Xiangfeng Yang Large Deviation Expansions 2011 4 Didier  
Sarah R. Lukens Using Lagrangian methods to analyze flow structures in biological fluid dynamics 2010 6 Gaver Data Scientist, LMI
Stefan T. Boettner Mixed transcendental and algebraic extensions for the Risch-Norman algorithm 2010   Moll  
Priya S. Boindala New minimal representations of self propelled swimmers in low Reynolds number regime using regularized fundamental solutions with applications to collective flow 2010   Gaver Faculty, Georgia Gwinett College
Benjamin A. Vanderlei Error estimation for interface problems 2008 6 Fauci Faculty, University of the Fraser Valley
Vivian A. Aranda Computational modeling of peristaltic pumping using the method of regularized Stokeslets 2008 8 Fauci Faculty, Federico Santa Maria Technical University
Magdalena M. Musielak A computational model of nutrient transport and acquisition by diatom chains in a moving fluid 2007 6 Fauci Faculty, Gdansk University of Technology
Svetlana Tlupova Improved accuracy of numerical solutions of coupled Stokes and Darcy flows based on boundary integrals 2007 6 Cortez Faculty, Farmingdale State College
Dante V Manna An extension of Landen transformations 2006 5 Moll  
Joel Webb Stabilization of spherical space forms 2006   Kwasik Faculty, University of New Orleans
Emily Wilson Gamundi Region of two solutions for asymmetric networks with dynamic routing 2004 4 Dinwoodie  
Katarzyna A. Rejniak A computational model of the mechanics of growth of a trophoblast tissue 2002 6 Fauci Researcher, Moffitt Cancer Center
Hong Liu Goodness-of-fit tests for accelerated life models with right censored data 2001 6 Ren  
Jorge Eduardo Macias-Diaz Projectivity and complete decomposability of modules over domains 2001   Fuchs Faculty, Tallinn University
Keye Martin A foundation for computation 2000 6 Mislove Faculty, Concord University


Master Students

MS Student Dissertation Title Grad Year Time to Degree Advisor Current Position
Keyan Chen Non-thesis 2023 2    
Zehao Wang Non-thesis 2023 2    
Benjamin Stager Semi-implicit time integration for partial differential equations and the method of regularized stokeslets 2023 1 Buvoli  
TH Williamson   2023 1 Mincheva  
Joseph Woods Age not apathy 2023 1 McKinley PhD, Rice University
Haoqi Chen Non-thesis 2022 2  

Data Scientist, Pharmaron

Cong Zhao Non-thesis 2022 2   Research Staff, Tulane University
Haiyu Niu Non-thesis 2022 2   PhD, Jilin University
Langyu Qie Non-thesis 2021 2    
Yao Tang Non-thesis 2021 2   PhD, York University
Tian Dai Non-thesis 2021 2   PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Jack Green On the De Silva-Ghrist homological coverage criteria for planar sensor networks 2021 1 Komendarczyk PhD, University of Georgia
Eric Junhyup Sung Mathematics and applications of Feynman diagrams 2021 1 Moll PhD, Arizona State University