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The NMR facility in the Chemistry Department houses two high resolution NMR (Varian Unity Inova 400 and Bruker Avance 300) and a solid state NMR spectrometers (Bruker DSX 300). 
In addition, the Department has full access to a Bruker 500 MHz NMR in the Coordinated Instrumentation Facility (CIF).

All the instruments are capable of collecting data for any nucleus of interest at temperature from -80 C to 150 C. The Varian 400 and Bruker DSX 300 are controlled by Sun and SGI Indy workstations, while the Avance 300 is controlled by Windows operating workstation.

The two workstations are networked making them easy to transfer data or finished spectra to students' lab computers for inclusion in reports, papers and dissertations. About 65 Faculty, staff and students from Tulane, Loyola and Xavier Universities use this facility.

NMR Equipment

Varian UNITY INOVA 400
  • 9.4T 54mm bore Oxford Super Conducting Magnet
  • Two RF Channels with PFG
  • 5mm {1H-19F 13C-31P} AutoSwitchable Probe 5mm 1H {19N-31P} Indirect Detection Probe
  • VT (-80 to 150 C)

Location: 5000 Stern Hall

Bruker AVANCE 300
  • 7.049T 52mm bore Bruker Ultra Shield Magnet
  • Two RF Channels with Orthogonal Shim System (BOSS-1)
  • 5mm {1H-19F 13C-31P} Multinuclear Broadband
  • Observe (BBO) Probe shielded Z-gradient coil with digital tuning
  • 5mm 1H {109Ag-31P} Inverse Broadbang (BBI) Probe shielded Z-gradient coil with digital tuning)
  • VT (-150 to 180 C)

Location: 5003 Stern Hall

This instrument was acquired through a grant from the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0234843.

Bruker DSX 300 Widebore
  • 7.049T 89mm bore Bruker Smart Magnet System.
  • Two independently controlled RF Channels and one 1H channel.
  • 7mm {15N-13C} CP-MAS probe, 8kHz max speed.
  • 4mm {13C-31P} CP-MAS probe, 17kHz max speed.
  • VT (-80 to 150 C)
  • {109Ag-31P} HP probe for wide line NMR.
  • DOR probe.

Location: 5025 Stern Hall

NMR Manager

For further information and training please contact Dr. Qi Zhao

Chemistry Department
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: (504) 865-5573
Fax: (504) 865-5593
E-mail: qzhao@tulane.edu