Jiang Wei, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(504) 865-5089
Office Address
5042 Percival Stern Hall
School of Science & Engineering
Jiang Wei

Courses Taught

PHYS 1210: Introductory Physics I

Education & Affiliations

Ph.D., University of Washington-Seattle (2010)


Dr. Wei's research interests include Nanodevice Physics.

Recent Publications

Google Scholar Link

H. Ji, J. Wei, D. Natelson. "Modulation of the Electrical Properties of VO2 Nanobeams Using an Ionic Liquid as a Gating Medium." Nano Letters 12(6): 2988-2992 (2012).

J. Wei, H. Ji, W. Guo and D. Natelson, “Hydrogen stabilization of metallic VO2 in single-crystal nanobeams”, Nature Nanotechnology 7, 357–362 (2012).

J. Wei, D. Natelson, “Nanostructure Studies of Strongly Correlated Materials”, Nanoscale 3, 3509-3521 (2011).

Z. Wang, J. Wei, P. Morse, O. E. Vilches and D. Cobden, “Phase transitions on the surface of a carbon nanotube”, Science 327, 552 (2010).

J. Wei, Z. Wang, W. Chen, and D. H. Cobden, “Vanadium dioxide nanobeams: probing sub-domain properties of strongly correlated materials”, Nature Nanotechnology 4, 420 (2009).