Department of Biomedical Engineering Abstracts


Jack Fein, Kailee Oswald, Brian Sullivan

Overhead-throwing athletes need preventative and recovery measures to keep from damaging or tearing their ulnar collateral ligament (UCL).


Leah Abraham, Alyssa Bockman, Dabin So

Creating a low cost easily assembled prosthetic/orthotic to allow users with impaired grip ability to lift weights and use machines in the gym safely and to the best of their physical ability.

New Assistive Resources for Compliance in Physical Therapy (NARC-PT)

Thomas Cutro, Rachel Elias, Helen Emerson, Jane O'Donnell

Physical therapists who prescribe an exercise-based approach for treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis need a way to remotely monitor patient compliance and successful execution of corrective posture to reduce the likelihood that bracing or surgical intervention will be required.

VerteVision: 3D Computation of Spine Deformities

Pete Rotering, Shayne Shelton, Ali Sulehria

Orthopedic surgeons treating patients with scoliosis need a way to quantify the spine deformity in 3D to improve surgical outcomes and effectively communicate their findings to their peers, engineers, and patients.

Cranial Caretakers

Miracle Gosier, Gus Morrison, Brayden Vassilas, Luke Orlando

Athletes across all levels of football need a way to reduce the frequency and severity of concussions experienced during play in order to extend their careers and long-term cognitive health.

Crack'd Innovations

Zach Chapman, Gabe Kobza, Eferoghene Okakuro, Gabrial Sagrera

Prehospital providers need a sage and effective way to provide traction immobilization to femur fractures in the presence of distal injuries, to improve patient treatment outcomes and minimize discomfort prior to hospital arrival.