Charles J. (Chuck) Mart

Chuck MartChuck retired from ExxonMobil in March 2019 after over 30 years of service and with experiences in Research, Development and Engineering across the Energy industry (Upstream, Downstream, Chemicals and Synthetic Fuels). Prior to joining ExxonMobil, Chuck had over 5 years of engineering experience in the Environmental sector, most of those years as an officer with the U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.

Chuck is originally from New Orleans, LA and achieved Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Tulane University. After leaving the U.S. Army, he joined ExxonMobil in 1988 at the Research and Development Laboratories in Baton Rouge, LA. Initial assignments were in process technology development for alternative fuels – oil shale, oil sands and gas-to-liquids. In 1995, he became a Planning Analyst in Corporate Headquarters (Irving, Texas), conducting analyses of energy trends and emerging technologies for implications on long-term energy supply and demand. After the Corporate Planning assignment, Chuck had a number of supervisor assignments in ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, across refining and gas-to-liquids process technology areas, living in Baton Rouge, LA and Fairfax, Virginia. Within these assignments, he was also the Technology Program Leader at ExxonMobil Process Research Laboratories (Baton Rouge, LA), responsible world-wide for lubricant processing technology development and deployment. Chuck joined the Upstream Research Company (Houston, TX) in 2007 as Research Manager, Gas Technologies. In October 2012, he became the Department Manager for Facilities Technologies. In that role, his management responsibilities were in technology areas across the natural gas and crude oil value chain: gas processing (natural gas treating, NGL recovery, LNG and gas conversion), equipment engineering (fractionation, separations, machinery, power, and automation), flow assurance, and corrosion. In his final assignment, Chuck was the Department Manager for Upstream Production Technologies which expanded the prior department responsibilities to include production surveillance and optimization, oil sands and robotics technologies. Additionally, in 2018, he had a special assignment as Executive Advisor to the Engineering Vice-President of Upstream Research Company supporting the Upstream Technology Strategy update.

Over the breadth of career with ExxonMobil, Chuck is co-inventor on 27 granted U.S. patents, with additional 5 foreign-only cases granted, in 10 different technology areas across Upstream/Downstream/Chemicals/ Synthetic Fuels. He is a member of the Tulane University Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Board of Advisors (2004 – present). Furthermore, Chuck has been Co-chairman of Energy Frontiers International industry association (2011- 2019) and member of Board of Management, University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology - Advanced Energy Consortium. He was a member of Gas Processors Association (GPA) Program and International Committees and former GPA Board Member. In 1999, Chuck was a participant in National Academy of Engineering - Frontiers of Engineering Symposia.

Chuck and his wife, Bonnie, who is also from New Orleans, are planning to reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2020.