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SSE Graduate Student Communications

January 10, 2022

Spring Semester 2022

Classes begin on Tuesday, January 25, 2022

SSE Dean’s Travel Award

PhD students supported on a TA or RA stipend can apply once per academic year for the SSE Dean’s Travel Award.  Maximum amount of award is $300.  Students should book their travel through Concur.  Travel booked outside of Concur could potentially not be reimbursed due to university policy.   If you need access to Concur, please contact your department.

May Graduation

If you plan to graduate in May 2022, please complete the online application for degree through your Gibson Online Account.  You must be enrolled in courses in order to see the Apply for Degree application on your portal.

The deadline to complete the checklist (turn in your paper to the Dean’s Office) is Thursday, May 6th.  Please plan your defense date to occur no later than May 2nd to allow time to obtain the required ink signatures on your final hard copy of your paper.  Only 1 hard copy is due to the Dean’s Office.



September 22, 2021

Deans Travel Funding – Deadline for Fall Travel Request extended to September 30, 2021


Please email completed Dean’s Travel Request forms to Janet Morgan – morgan@tulane.edu

Applications for December 31, 2021 Graduation

If you are planning to graduate at the end of the Fall Semester, you must complete the online through your Gibson Online Account - https://gibson.tulane.edu/

For Directions and more information on graduation go to: https://sse.tulane.edu/academics/graduate/graduation-forms-and-links

September 8, 2021

  • Classes will resume on Monday, September 13, 2021 (Check your Tulane Email and Canvas for specific course information)
  • Tulane plans to reopen campus on Monday, September 27, 2021
  • Updated Fall 2021 Academic Calendar

September 6, 2021

Hurricane Ida - Tulane University's Communications Regarding Hurricane Ida - Forward TUgether.

July 16, 2021

I know many of you have checked your billing recently – The tuition waivers/special rates/scholarship and discounted tuition are currently being processed by Tulane Financial Aid and Accounting. As Tulane Financial Aid has just moved into their new offices this week, the process may be running a bit later than usual this year. Please be patient and your tuition will be adjusted to reflect what has been offered to you via your offer of admission.

As for Tulane T-SHIP – those of you who are receiving T-SHIP purchase assistance (which is noted in your offers of admission) will have your billing adjusted and your support applied to your account as quickly as possible.  Tulane Financial Aid and Accounting are busy trying to process all of student records and this process does take some time.  
Tulane Health Center – For those of you who qualify and receive Tulane T-SHIP purchase assistance (as noted in your offer of admission), your Tulane Health Center fee will also be covered (Please note: Students enrolled in 9 credit hours are automatically enrolled with the Student Health Center but students enrolled under 9 credits hours are not automatically enrolled and must go to the Student Health Center and asked to be enrolled for the Fall 2021 semester).
Billing adjustments are a continuous process and all of the billing may should be corrected and adjusted by September 1, 2021.
If you do contact financial aid, billing or myself – please include your Tulane ID/Splash Card Number and use your Tulane email address as it will make receiving and processing your inquires quicker. Please do not include screen shots as they are not required as we can see your record and information in the system by using your Tulane ID/Splash Card Number.


June 3, 2021

For students in PhD programs, remember that you need to maintain continuous enrollment and should be enrolling in your Dissertation Research class each summer. Tulane does not charge fees during the summer so there is no reason not to enroll.  Students enrolled in class during times that Tulane is holding classes and enrolled in a class prior to the beginning of a pay period will not have FICA taken from their paycheck. I know that summer payments can be frustrating because school is not always in session and/or you were not enrolled in a course before the beginning of a pay period.

For more payroll information, go to https://hr.tulane.edu/payroll/payroll-faqs

Summer Graduation Date is Sunday, August 15, 2021 (August 15, 2021 is the date that will be on your diploma and transcript for when your degree is being conferred).

If you are planning to graduate and receive your Diploma/Certificate in August 2021 (summer 2021), please complete the Apply for Degree form that is on your Gibson Online Account. The Registrar noticed an issue with the application earlier this summer, so if you have not applied, you still have time to apply for August 2021 graduation/diploma date. If you are completing a Thesis or Dissertation, please click here.

Although you may not be receiving as many emails in the summer, please keep a lookout for emails from Tulane Campus Health regarding Health Insurance Waivers and Enrollment, Immunization Updates and Requirements and don’t forget to maintain your COVID testing if you are on campus this summer.

Always include your Tulane Student ID Number (Splash Card Number) when you are emailing requesting information or assistance.  It makes locating your record and finding the information you need a faster process for the person trying to assist you.