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SSE Graduate Student Communications

Spring 2023 Semester Update

Enrollment and Billing

You need to add/drop classes by Friday, January 27, 2023 (Per the Registrar’s Office)

Academic Calendar | Office of the University Registrar (tulane.edu)

Because billing is adjusted manually, it does take time for your bill to be correctly processed.  Bills should be corrected by Friday, February 3, 2023.   Most billing corrections occur within 10 business days of the last add/drop action completed in the system.

If you have an issue with your bill (AFTER February 3, 2023), then you may send me an email with your concern.   I cannot fix your bill, but I can view it and make inquiries with Accounts Receivable and Financial Aid regarding your concern.

Tulane Fee information can be found on the Tulane Accounts Receivable website.


Degree Audit and Transcript Review

At the beginning of the semester is a good time to sit down with your department academic advisor to review your transcript and degree audit.

MS students require at least 30 credit hours and a 3.0 GPA in order to graduate.

PhD students require at least 48 credit hours and a 3.0 GPA in order to graduate. PhD students should complete their Prospectus and be Admitted into Candidacy at least 6 months prior to graduation.



The Main Tulane Commencement 2023 Website - https://commencement.tulane.edu/

The Apply for Degree application is available on your Gibson Online Portal.  If you do not see it, then you need to put in a ticket with the Tulane Registrar’s office. 

The Tulane Registrar’s office handles applications for graduation, mailing diplomas, and transcript orders etc.

If you plan to graduate with your certificate, you must apply to graduate for the certificate.

If you plan to graduate with your MS degree, you must apply to graduate for your MS degree.

If you plan to graduate with your PhD degree, you must apply to graduate for your PhD degree.

Each degree/certificate must be applied for separately. 

Do not apply to graduate if you just plan to participate in the Graduate Ceremony prior to your actual degree being awarded.  You must have departmental approval to participate in the graduate ceremony prior to actually earning the degree.  Please send an email to me (Janet Morgan) and Your Department


Fall 2022 Semester Update

Checking your Transcript and Degree Works Audit

Each semester, please make sure that you check your transcript and degree audit for accuracy.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your academic advisor within your department. Do not wait until you are applying to graduate to check for accuracy and meeting requirements for graduation.

Fall 2022 Degree and Certificate Conferral Date and Application Information

If you are planning to graduate with your degree/certificate on December 31, 2022, please make sure to complete the online Apply for Degree application that is available through the Gibson Online Portal.  If you do not have this application, please make a request to the Registrar’s office to provide your access to the application.  https://registrar.tulane.edu/

Please submit your application for graduation online to the Registrar by Friday, October 28, 2022.  

For more information on SSE deadlines and graduation requirements, go to https://sse.tulane.edu/academics/graduate/graduation-forms-and-links

Note:  If you should be graduating with a degree or certificate that is not available on the pull-down menu on the Apply for Degree application, please contact morgan@tulane.edu so that the degree and or certificate can be added to your academic record.  You must submit an application for each degree and/or certificate in which you would be like to be certified.  An Application for Degree does not guarantee that the record will be certified for graduation, as you must meet all certification requirements.