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Forms, Policies & Procedures

Registration Policies, Forms and Enrollment Verification

Students must register on time for their graduate student studies each semester. The Tulane Registrar publishes the Academic Calendars for students to use each semester. It is important that you know all of the deadline dates for each semester. Use your Gibson Portal - Schedule of Classes link to enroll in classes each semester.  (Please note:  Electronic signaures are accepted on the forms)

If you cannot enroll through your Gibson Portal, you will need to complete an Add/Drop Form. You need to work with your department to ensure the correct CRN, Course Number and Section are properly noted and signed by a department administrator or advisor. Once the form is complete, you will need to send the form to the SSE Dean’s Office to – Janet Morgan at morgan@tulane.edu.

Students should be mindful that timely registration is necessary to avoid issues with standing, status, and financial considerations such as student loans and stipends.
Students are responsible for verifying their enrollment using their Gibson Portal – Tulane Enrollment Verification link. Students on stipends (who are enrolled in less than 9 credit hours and not enrolled in dissertation research may have more taxes taken from their paychecks).

Full Time Student Enrollment:

When you enroll in 9 credit hours, you are reported as a Full Time Student.  With Full Time student status, you will be automatically enrolled and charged for the Tulane Student Health Center Fee and Reilly Rec Center Fee.  You can utilize these services using your Tulane Splash card.  Once you have completed your course work, you will be enrolling in the 9980 Thesis Research or 9990 Dissertation Research Course.  Research courses are 3 credit hours.  These 3 credit hour courses will report you as a Full Time Research Student.  Because the Research Courses are only 3 credit hours, you are not automatically enrolled in or charged for the Tulane Health Center or the Reilly Rec Center.  You can decide to enroll in these services separately by contacting the Student Health Center and Reilly Rec center and asking them to enroll you for their services for the current semester.

For 2021 - 2022 Academic Year:

Full Time Students are enrolled in 9+ credit hours: Fees assessed are Student Activity Fee $120,  Student Recreation (Reilly Rec/Rec) Center Fee $200, and Campus Health $345)

Part Time Students are enrolled in 8 or less credit hours: Fees assessed are Student Activity Fee $80 and Academic Support Fee is ($44.50 per number of credit hours enrolled)

Full Time Research students are enrolled in either 9990 or 9980 (3 credit course): Fees assessed are Student Activity Fee $80 and Academic Support Fee is ($44.50 per number of credit hours enrolled)

Students enrolled in under 9 credit hours are not automatically enrolled to use the Recreation Center or Student Health Center and if elect to participate and pay for these services, the student must go to these facilities and request to be added to these services.

Students assume all financial obligations for their courses upon registration and should check their student billing on a regular basis to see that their payments, waivers etc. have been properly applied to their bills and that they have been properly enrolled and charged for their Tulane Health Insurance plan (T-SHIP) each semester (if they have enrolled in the plan).

Dropping Courses and Resignation – If you are dropping courses please do so before the last day to drop a course using your Gibson Portal. If you miss the deadline, please complete and send the Add/Drop Form to the SSE Dean’s Office to – Janet Morgan as soon as possible. If you are dropping all of your courses for a semester, you must complete a Resignation Form (you can specify that it is just a semester resignation and not a resignation from the program). This form should be completed, signed, and sent to Janet Morgan.

Graduate Student Billing and Tax Forms

Tulane's billing cycle is around the 15th of each month.  It is essential that you check your Tulane bill on a regular basis.  Your tuition, fees, T-Ship health insurance, Tulane bookstore purchases etc. are posted each month to your Tulane account.  You are responsible for your Tulane bill.  If you see something on your bill that you do not understand, you should ask questions promptly to Tulane Accounts Receivable.

The School of Science and Engineering does not provide tax forms or changes for graduate students. All tax forms from Tulane University are provided by the accounting departments of Tulane University as they are up to date and understand how to create the important W2 and 1098-T Tax forms. In addition, the Tulane School of Science and Engineering does not provide tax guidance or preparation advice to students. Tulane Law School does have a volunteer tax assistance program.

PhD Students Candidacy and Prospectus Forms

These forms should be turned in at least 6 months before applying to graduate. Electronic signatures are accepted. Please email completed forms to Janet Morgan (morgan@tulane.edu)

Dean's Travel Funding Opportunity for Graduate Students on Stipend

Criteria for applying for the Dean's Travel Funding:

* An announcement should be coming in January 2022 that all travel arrangements will need to be made in Concur.  As details become available, I will be updating the website.

* All travel is now being reimbursed using Concur, please note the changes to submitting documentation for reimbursement that is mentioned in the list below.

  1. Must be a PhD student in the School of Science and Engineering (in their first 6 years of graduate study)
  2. Must maintain continuous enrollment (Must be enrolled in at least the 9990 course to receive funding)
  3. Student must be supported by their department as either a Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant or Fellowship
  4. Student must be in good academic standing (cannot be on probation)
  5. Student must be a presenter at the conference and must show proof that they presented at the conference.
  6. We do not reimburse students for travel to workshops, conferences, etc. where they are only attending the event.
  7. As the travel is reimbursed using Concur, no partial receipt reimbursements can be submitted for reimbursement.
  8. You can only apply to the SSE Dean's Travel award once per year.  It can only be used for covering the expenses for one conference per academic year.
  9. Please note the maximum amount that can be awarded is $300.

Applications for the SSE Dean's Travel award are accepted:

  • June 1 - August 15 for travel in the fall (September 1 through December 31) / Applications for Fall 2021 will be accepted through September 30
  • October 1 - December 15 for travel in the spring (January 1 through April 30)
  • March 1 - April 15 for travel in the summer (May 1 through August 31)

Awards will be announced via e-mail approximately two weeks after the deadline.