Barbara A. Kleiss, Ph.D.

Research Professor

Coordinator, River Science and Engineering Certificate Program
School of Science & Engineering
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Education & Affiliations

B.S., Spring Hill College, 1979
M.S., University of Southern Mississippi, 1983
Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1995


While I have worked throughout the United States, my career has focused on the rivers and wetlands in the lower Mississippi River valley. These efforts have been as varied as studies to understand sediment deposition and nitrogen dynamics in bottomland hardwood wetlands in Mississippi River tributaries, to sampling the water chemistry, ecology and groundwater to over forty rivers in the Mississippi Embayment, helping to develop Level IV ecoregions for the lower Mississippi Valley, and coordinating studies to assess the efficacy of river diversions.

In the most recent couple of decades, I have been involved in creating, developing and directing large interdisciplinary research programs associated with the Mississippi River and its delta, including serving as the Chief of the US Geological Survey’s National Water Quality Assessment Program’s Mississippi Embayment project, and the Director of both the Louisiana Coastal Area Science and Technology program and the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Mississippi River Geomorphology and Potamology program.

My current interests include developing an improved understanding of the values of the residual Mississippi River floodplains, further understanding sediment dynamics in the river and how they should be measured and developing programs by which principles of river science and engineering can be more readily conveyed to river management professionals across the country.

Selected Publications

Brown, G.L., McAlpin, J.N., Pevey, K.C., Luong, P.V., Price, C.R., and Kleiss, B.A. 2019. Mississippi River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management Study: Delta Management Modeling: AdH/SEDLIB Multi-Dimensional Model Validation and Scenario Analysis Report. 2019. ERDC/CHL Report TR-19-2. U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, MS. 172 pp.

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Chapman, S.S., Kleiss, B.A. Omernik, J.M., Foti, T.L. and Murray, E.O. 2004. Ecoregions of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain (color poster with map, descriptive text, summary tables and photographs): Reston, Virginia, (US Geological Survey (map scale 1_150,000).

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Kleiss, B.A. 1996. Suspended sediment retention in an eastern Arkansas bottomland hardwood wetland. Wetlands, 16:321-333.

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RCSE 6800 – Introduction to River Science and Engineering


Water chemistry of aquatic systems, wetlands biogeochemistry, restoration of rivers and wetlands, and interdisciplinary studies of the Mississippi River and its floodplains.