Mission, Vision and Values

Department’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire and work with students in a diverse and inclusive environment as we develop and apply engineering methods to confront health science challenges.

Departmental Vision

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is committed to being a global leader in biomedical engineering scholarship. We aim for a department that demonstrates excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, meaningful and innovative research, and service dedicated to advancing the field of Biomedical Engineering. Our faculty, staff, and students affirm an ongoing commitment to embedding equity, diversity, and inclusion in our department community, research, curriculum, professional training, and program assessment. Our collaborative department provides distinctive and creative interdisciplinary solutions to biomedical engineering research and design problems.


Our Environment

We value a diverse, inclusive, and cohesive department that is achievement oriented. As a community we respect our faculty, staff and students as important colleagues who have overlapping ambitions towards intellectual and personal growth. To foster excellence in research, teaching and growth, we are resourceful in seeking and acquiring appropriate facilities that promote interdisciplinary collaboration. We maintain confidence that we will reach our goals and sustain a high sense of morale through camaraderie and a buoyant sense of pride for the intrinsic and extrinsic value of our research, teaching and professional interactions.

Our Students

With intention, we strive to build a diverse community with an inclusive perspective that produces a continually evolving and balanced multidisciplinary curriculum where students learn and apply rigorous science and engineering fundamentals to health and medicine through theoretical analysis, experimentation and hands-on clinically relevant application and experiences. Our faculty and staff are committed to student support that recognizes and values individual differences, continual review/refinement of our curriculum that reflects the people and thinking of a global community, advancing teaching pedagogy, and improving the overall student experience - this emphasis helps us to recruit and retain exceptional and ambitious students who seek intellectual growth and community impact. Our students benefit from supportive and engaged multi-disciplinary collegial interactions that cultivate their motivation, responsibility and communication. Our approach leads to strong student/faculty relationships that we celebrate both within and outside the University through the collaborative achievements of our students/faculty.

Our Research

We value basic and translational research that advances clinical progress and impacts human health. We strive for excellence in scholarship and to share our knowledge with society.  By engaging faculty members, graduate students and undergraduate students in our research, we develop the next generation of educators, thinkers and problem-solvers. By fostering a collaborative research environment we thereby encourage innovation and risk-taking. Through our approach to research, we provide a model for collaborative, interdisciplinary initiatives that contributes to Tulane's mission as a top-tier research institution.

Our Community

We value broad, diverse, and inclusive interdisciplinary academic, government, and commercial collaborations that impact our society. Inclusion is informed by the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. As a forward-thinking department, we have an obligation to adapt, grow, and lead in response to continually challenging university and societal needs. To sustain and build opportunities, we must foster and maintain the public trust. This is best achieved through overt recognition of equitable, real,measurable impact at the university, regional, national, and global levels.