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Apply for Account

Requesting an Account

To get access to the CCS computer cluster you must fill out a resource request form and submit it to CCS for review here.

Using your account

All servers and workstations in the CCS network are secured and do not allow connections from outside the CCS network. To access CCS from outside our network you must first login to the main CCS server

sphynx.ccs.tulane.edu. This is the only machine that accepts connections from outside the CCS network.

CCS does not run telnet or FTP. Please log in using SSH or SFTP. If you do not have SSH you can download and install the PC version here. The Unix version is here.

Users are NOT allowed to run jobs in the background all jobs must run in the queues. For information on how to use the PBS queuing system take a look at our web page here.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in the loss of your account privileges.

Your disk space quota in your home directory is of 4 GB. Everyone has access to the /scratch03 directory. Your disk space quota in /scratch03 is 1TB.

The /scratch03 directory is for temporary storage only.