Masters Program

The Center for Computational Science offers a Masters degree in Computational Science in combination with a student's B.S. degree in Science or Engineering.  This is known as a "4+1" program.  Tulane undergraduate students can earn the masters degree along with their B.S. in just 1 extra year at reduced tuition.  All engineering and science majors can apply.

A Masters degree in Computational Science in combination with a B.S. in any science or engineering discipline will:

  • Make you more competitive for jobs
  • Give you practical experience
  • Provide valuable research opportunities

What is Computational Science?

Computational Science is a discipline dedicated to the use of computers for the solution of mathematical equations that describe scientific problems over a wide variety of fields. Its aim is to obtain new scientific information and technical practices. The phenomena approached by Computational Science can range from modeling blood flow to geophysical events, biomolecular processes, turbulence in the motion of liquids and gases, the trajectory of spacecraft, statistics, epidemiology, and more.

Investigators with computational science expertise provide ways of approaching important problems that complement and improve experimental and theoretical approaches by performing simulations outside the ranges of what may be viable by other methods. In this way, computational science informs other studies, generating synergy with scientific and engineering disciplines.