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MS Thesis / PhD Dissertation Checklist for Graduation

Deadline Dates for PhD and MS students turning in a dissertation or thesis: (Electronic Signatures are accepted on final printed copies of the dissertation and thesis papers)

Degree Date: May 20, 2023
Application for Degree Due: by February 15
Final Copy of Thesis/Dissertation Due: May 5 (Friday, May 5, 2023) - Please see link for Final Completion Checklist Below)

Degree Date: August 15, 2023
Application for Degree Due: by July 10
Final Copy of Thesis/Dissertation Due: August 7 (Monday, August 7, 2023) - Please see link for Final Completion Checklist Below)

Degree Date: December 31, 2022
Application for Degree Due: by October 28
Final Copy of Thesis/Dissertation Due: December 5 (Monday, December 5, 2022) - Please see link for Final Completion Checklist Below)

For All SSE MS and PhD Students: Make sure you apply to Graduate - The Apply for Degree (instructions) application is on your Gibson Online Account .  If you are earning a certificate along with your degree, you must complete 2 applications: One application for your Degree and one application for your certificate.  Applications do not roll forward. You must apply to graduate within the semester in which you plan to earn your degree and receive your diploma.  

For PhD Students Only -  Prior to applying to graduate, you should have completed the Admission to Candidacy Form and Prospectus Approval Form and sent it to the SSE Dean's Office or emailed it to Janet Morgan.

To assist you with the above guidelines for degree completion, please use the MS/PhD Checklist.

Checklist for Graduation for students with a Thesis (MS) or Dissertation (PhD):

  1. You may want to set your Defense Date before you complete and submit the Application for Degree.  It is recommended that the date set  for your defense is no later than one week prior to the deadline date.  Often times there are re-writes required and you need to have time to complete them and get the required signatures for your paper.  The Oral Defense of your paper is just one part of the final steps required to complete the requirements for graduation.
  2. Complete dissertation/thesis as per program requirements and Guidelines for Thesis and Dissertation Preparation.
  3. On your Defense date, please complete and have your committee sign the Oral Defense Approval Form. (This form is then submitted to the Dean's Office or Email Janet Morgan.
  4. Complete any corrections to the dissertation/thesis as required by your committee and have your signature pages of your paper signed by your committee. (Electronic signatures are accepted)
  5. Submit electronic copy of your dissertation/thesis with  signatures to ProQuest  (I will see and approve your upload in ProQuest)
  6. Submit electronic copy of your dissertation/thesis with signatures to the  The Digital Repository of the Tulane Library  - Email Janet Morgan the link to your uploaded Tulane Repository Paper.
  7. PhD Students Only earning their Phd Degree:  Complete and submit the the Survey of Earned Doctorates. Forward a copy of the confirmation email you receive to Janet Morgan.