Science Saturday

Tulane Today Staff
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A student shows off his model of the atomic structure of a material in a workshop during the semiannual Boys at Tulane in STEM (BATS) event. Nearly 100 boys and over two dozen teachers from the Greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas participated in the day-long event featuring hands-on activities that addressed a variety of topics including rocket propulsion, coastal erosion, and brain function. Tulane’s BATS Program provides fifth through seventh grade boys the opportunity to meet and work with role models in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Workshops developed and offered by Tulane faculty and student teams encourage boys to inquire, investigate, and discover in a science and engineering environment. Tulane also offers Girls in STEM at Tulane (GiST). (Photo by Paul Burch-Celentano)
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