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Graduate Financial Support

Graduate students in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology are supported in three different ways. Most students are supported on Teaching Assistantships that require teaching service each semester. Other students are supported on Doctoral Research Fellowships that involve minimal service requirements. Both of these means of support are available through the department's admission process. Some students are supported on Research Assistantships, which are available only through the laboratories of individual faculty; they usually involve research responsibilities beyond that which the student pursues for the doctoral degree. Prospective students should contact faculty with whom they are potentially interested in working to inquire about any Research Assistantships that are available through that person's laboratory. The other forms of support are described below. All three modes of support carry a full tuition waiver. Although Teaching Assistantships and Doctoral Research Fellowships are available only to doctoral students, some Research Assistantships may be awarded to those seeking the Masters degree in addition to doctoral students.

Teaching Assistantships

Qualified applicants may be eligible for teaching assistantships. Teaching assistants receive a cash stipend of $20,680 per academic year for undergraduate teaching or related duties within the department, along with a full tuition waiver.

Doctoral Research Fellowships

In addition to teaching assistantships, Doctoral Research Fellowships are available through the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. New awards include a twelve-month stipend of approximately $26,000 per year for up to four years, a full tuition waiver, and travel funds of up to $500 per year for research and to attend conferences and symposia. The fellowships are awarded competitively on the basis of merit to incoming graduate students for work with any of the faculty in the department.

Academic standards for the research fellowships include a 3.4 or higher undergraduate grade point average on a 4.0 scale, a combined verbal and quantitative GRE score of 1300 or higher, and demonstrated high potential for independent scientific research. Exceptions to these standards may be made under special circumstances. The fellowships, which come from the Louisiana Board of Regents (BoR), require limited participation each semester in an activity designed to enhance the interest of elementary or secondary school students (K-12) in science careers. The BoR hopes the funds will support students with the greatest potential to contribute to the future economic well being of the state and to remain in the state after graduation, but these are not requirements for the research fellowship. We strongly desire to have minority participation in this program, so we very much encourage minority applications for the Doctoral Research Fellowships.

Financial Support and Graduate School Applications

Potential students should communicate (preferably by e-mail) directly with the faculty member most appropriate to support the relevant research project before making application for graduate school. Admission applications should be made through the Graduate School, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, 70118, no later than February 1st of each calendar year. They should include the Tulane application form, undergraduate transcripts, at least three letters from faculty familiar with your qualifications, and GRE scores. The application for graduate school includes a statement of research interests, which should be addressed in detail. In addition, a cover letter sent with the application should indicate the candidate's interest in being considered for the Doctoral Research Fellowship or a Research Assistantship the candidate has discussed with a faculty member, as well as the motivation for doing doctoral research in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Applicants who do not receive one of these forms of support will be considered for a Teaching Assistantship. The department usually does not admit persons whom it cannot support, therefore, admission to the program typically includes some form of financial support.

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