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Fall 2019 Events

Special EEB Seminar

Tuesday, October 22   |   2:00-3:00pm   |   LBC Room 201

The molds that ate my house: Post-Katrina research on the physiological action of fungal volatile organic compounds

Dr. Joan Bennett  |  Distinguished Professor in the Department of Plant Biology at Rutgers University

Sponsored by the Van Bael Lab


EEB Ecolunch Series

12:00-1:00pm in Stern 2002


Friday, September 6

Ovarian Masculinization and Reproductive impairment in gulf fishes in and around hypoxia

By Michael Cyrana (Bart Lab)


Friday, September 13

How do soil microbial communities affect the invasion of a wetland invasive plant?

By Sean Lee (Clay Lab)


Friday, September 20

A novel hypothesis for heteranthery: The conflicting role of bees as pollinators and pollen consumers

By Diana Tataru (Ferris Lab)


Friday, October 4

Spatial Distribution of Naturally Produced Lake Trout from the Canadian Waters of Lake Huron

By McKenzie Smith (Farrer Lab)



Tulane University R Fans (TURF) Meeting Schedule

5:00-6:00pm in Stern 2002


Thursday, September 26

Intro to github


Thursday, October 3

A functional intro to Cypress, Tulane's supercomputer


Thursday, November 14

Metadata Mystery


Thursday, December 5

Population Modeling


Friday, December 6

Bonus seminar with visiting speaker Dr. Nancy Chen