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Fall 2021 Eco Lunch Schedule

All Eco Lunches will begin at 11am in Stern 2002 unless otherwise noted.


November 12

Julie Rej

Modeling Anolis movement and competition in response to climate change

Julie will discuss her past and current research with regards to modeling species distribution in response to climate change. In the past her modeling approach was more correlative where she used techniques such as MaxEnt modeling. Currently, she is developing a mechanistic approach using an individual based model which requires empirical data to parameterize. In addition to collecting physiological data, she is looking at competition and the potential displacement of species.


December 17

Christen Steele

Finding OE: Spatiotemporal Patterns in Parasitism in Monarch Butterflies (Danaus plexippus) in the Southeastern United States

Climate change and urbanization may impact migratory behavior in animals, with some species forming new non-migratory populations. In this talk, I will explore how these shifts in migratory behavior may then indirectly impact host-parasite interactions resulting in a heterogenous distribution of infection.