Alumni Advisory Board

Eleven alumni/alumnae, spanning a wide range of graduation dates and career paths, currently serve on the department’s advisory board 

Loren Setlow (BS 1970)
Retired from the Environmental Protection Agency 

Kevin McMichael (BS 1977)
Claymore Oil & Gas L.P.
Emeritus member, School of Science and Engineering’s Board of Advisors 

Kathy McManus (BS 1980)

Elizabeth Chinn McDade (BS 1980)
Chinn-McDade Associates, LLC

Denise Butler (MS 1984)
Retired from Shell

Allen Greenwood (BS 1980 & MS 1984)

Tom Giosa (MS 1985)
TAG Oil, Inc.

Sidney Hemming (MS 1986)
Professor and Chair
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Columbia University

Jeff Nittrouer (MS 2006)
Assistant Professor
Texas Tech University

Bryan Grace (PhD 2012)
Principal Environmental Scientist
Tetra Tech, Inc.

Jade Haug (PhD 2014)
Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management

Davin Wallace (BS 2006)
Associate Professor
School of Ocean Science and Engineering
University of Southern Mississippi