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Representatives to University Committees 2022-2023

University Senators

Kyle Straub (2020-2023)
Mike Herman (2020-2023)
Julie Alvarez (2021-2024)
Michelle Lacey (2021-2024)
Carrie Wyland (2022-2025)
Kimberly Foster, SSE Dean

University Senate Committees

(appointed by the Committee on Committees) Academic Freedom and Responsibility of Students
Jianwei Sun – Assessment (2022-2025)
Matt Barrios - Athletics (2021-2024)
(appointed by the Committee on Committees) Budget Review 
Ryan Gelfand - Educational Policy (2021-2024) 
Michelle Sanchez – Educational Policy (2022-2025)
Henry Bart - Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination (2022-2025)
Jordan Karubian – Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination (2021-2024)
Cynthia Ebinger – Equal Opportunity and Institutional Equity (2020-2023) 
Alexander Burin – Faculty & Staff Benefits (2020-2023)
Victor Moll - Faculty Tenure, Freedom and Responsibility (2021-2024)
Nicholas Sandoval – Honors (2020-2023)
Hank Ashbaugh – Information Technology (2020-2023)
Jerry Shakov– Information Technology (2022-2025)
Zizhan Zheng – Information Technology (2020-2023)
Nathalie Busschaert - Libraries (2022-2025) 
Michael Joyce - Libraries (2021-2024) 
Brent Goehring – Physical Facilities - Science (2020-2023)
Xin Lu– Physical Facilities - Engineering (2022-2025)
(elected by the Senate) – President’s Faculty Advisory 
Alexandra Sims – Social Issues (2020-2023)
Aaron Maus – Student Affairs (2022-2025)

Committee on Committees
(elected by the Senate)

Representatives to Board of Administrators
(elected by the Senate)

Graduate Council

Damir Khismatullin (2020-2023)
Brent Koplitz (2020-2023)
Jeffrey Tasker (2022-2025)
Sunshine Van Bael (2021-2024)

Graduate Honor Board Pool

Carolyn Bayer
Courtney Baker
Nancye Dawers
Emily Farrer 
Fenglei He
Igor Rubtsov
Sunshine Van Bael
Meenakshi Vijayaraghavan
Jiang Wei

Institutional Review Board Faculty Advisory

Donald Gaver
Jeffrey Lockman
Janet Ruscher

Institutional Biosafety

Nathalie Busschaert 
Kim O'Connor

Research Assessment

Thomas Hebert
Laura Schrader

Joint Hearing Board

Nancye Dawers (2021-2024)
Maria Galazo (2021-2024)
Renata Duraes Ribeiro (2021-2024)
Jianwei Sun (2021-2024)

Conflict of Interest

Daniel Shantz

Newcomb-Tulane College Committees

Committee on Academic Requirements
Katie Black (2021-2024)
Kim Sherman (2022-2025)

Committee on Oversight of Academic Integrity
Jim Donahue (2020-2023) 
Scott McKinley (2022-2025)

Core Curriculum Committee
Donata Henry (2021-2024)
Kyle Zhao (2022-2025)

Executive Committee
Michael Joyce (2020-2023)
Katherine Raymond (2022-2025)

Honor Board
James Cronin (2021-2024)  
Thomas Hebert (2020-2023)
Colin Jackson (2020-2023)
Nicholas Mattei (2020-2023)
Tim McLean (2021-2024)
Mark Mondrinos (2021-2024)  
Matt Montemore (2020-2023) 
Katie Russell (2021-2024)

Center for Public Service Executive Committee
Dorothy Cheruiyot (2021-2024)
Jessica Graber (2022-2025)
Kimberly Sherman (2020-2023)

Study Abroad Committee
Alex Gunderson (2022-2025)
Jeffrey Tasker (2022-2023)

Creative Premedical Scholars
W T. Godbey (2020-2023)

Past Representatives