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Former Students

PhD Students

PhD Dissertation Title Grad year Time to Degree Advisor Current Position
Zachary Bradshaw Explorations in mathematical physics 2023 5 Moll Research Scientist, Dept of Defense
Thai Nguyen Symbolic powers of monomial ideals and ideals of points 2022 5 Ha Postdoc, McMaster University
Vaishavi Sharma Studies on the valuation of sequences 2022 6 Moll Postdoc, Ohio State University
Aram R. Bingham Clans, Sects, and Symmetric Spaces of Hermitian Type 2021 6 Can Colorado School of Mines
Rosa Maria Fuster Aguilera Qualitative Analysis of a PDE Model for Chemotaxis with Logarithmic Sensitivity and Logistic Growth 2021 5 Zhao Postdoc, University of Colorado - Boulder
Yiyang She Strong Gelfand Subgroups of Z/p Sn 2021 5 Can Math Olympiad Trainer, Shanghai, China
Sankhaneel Bisui Stable Harbourne-Huneke Containment and Lower Bounds on Waldschmidt Constant 2021 5 Ha Postdoc, University of Manitoba
Joseph W. Skelton Symbolic Powers of Squarefree Monomial Ideals Associated to Graphs 2021 5 Ha Postdoc, Clemson University
Abu Chackalamannil Thomas Regularity and Resurgence Number of Homogeneous Ideals 2021 6 Ha Faculty, Dickinson College
Kristina Vandusen A Comparison of Negative-Dimensional Integration Techniques 2021 6 Moll Faculty, Southeastern Louisiana University
Diego Villamizar Rubiano Combinatorial and Arithmetical properties of families of sequences 2021 5 Moll  
Tien Minh Le Diagonal Orbits in Double Flag Varieties 2020 6 Can Lecturer, Tulane University
Jaime Lopez-Merizalde Optimized Reduced Models for Discrete Fracture Networks Used in Modeling Particle Flow and Transport 2020 7 Hyman Machine Learning Intern, SharpestMinds
Jonathan L. O'Rourke Local Cohomology and Regularity of Powers of Monomial Ideals 2020 5 Ha Faculty, New Mexico State University
Robyn K. Brooks Arrow Polynomials as the Limits of Configuration Space Integrals 2020 5 Komendarczyk Postdoc, Boston College
Pengfei Li Statistical Models for the Analysis of Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Datasets 2020 6 Lacey Data Scientist, VISA
Lin Li Improved Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods for Integrating High Dimension Functions 2020 5 Hyman Research Engineer, TUSimple
Sushovan Majhi Topological Methods in Shape Reconstruction and Comparison 2020 6 Wenk Postdoc, UC - Berkeley
Benjamin Cooper Boniece On Scale Invariance and Wavelet Analysis: Transience, Operator Fractional Levy Motion and High-Dimensional Inference 2019 6 Didier Faculty, Drexel University
Melanie Jensen Inference of Biophysical States of Microparticles From Particle Tracking Data 2019 5 McKinley     
Lukasz Sikora Subdiffusion Through Switching 2019 7 McKinley Data Scientist, Kaggle
Yunqi Zhao The Effect of Spatial Structure on the Persistence of Stem Cell Populations 2019 5 McKinley Statistician, Takeda
Zhe Qu High-Dimensional Statistical  Data Integration 2019 5 Hyman  
Li Guan Improving Infectious Disease Transmission Models That Account for Variations in Transmissibility and Behavior 2019 4 Hyman Risk Manager, Citi
Safak Ozden Stability of the Centers of the Symplectic Group Rings Z[S_p_2n(q)] 2019 5 Ha  
Asma Azizi Boroojeni Mathematical Models for Predicting and Mitigating the Spread of Chlamydia Sexually Transmitted Infection 2018 6 Hyman Faculty, Kennesaw State University
Ellis K. Fenske Anonymity and Linkability 2018 7 Mislove Faculty, US Naval Academy
Aleksandra Gorzycka Bayesian Updating and Statistical Inference for Beta-Binomial Models 2018 6 Lacey Faculty, University of Miami
Roseanna Gossmann The Elastohydrodynamics of Simplified Model of Human Birth 2018 5 Fauci Teacher, Bard High School
Tri Ngo A Rigorous Proof of Some Heuristic Rules in the Method of Brackets to Evaluate Definite Integrals 2018 5 Moll Faculty, University of New Orleans
Hung Dang Nguyen Anomalous Diffusion and the Generalized Langevin Equation 2018 3 McKinley Postdoc, UCLA
Fang Sun Topological Symmetries of R3 2018 6 Kwasik  
Ozlem Ugurlu Counting Borel Orbits in Classical Symmetric Varieties 2018 5 Can Faculty, Saint Louis University
Selvi Beyarslan Regularity of Powers of Edge Ideals 2017 5 Ha Faculty, University of South Alabama
Xiao Guan Methods in Symbolic Computation and p-Adic Valuations of Polynomials 2017 5 Moll Data Scientist, eBay
Selcuk Karakoc On Minimum Homotopy Areas 2017 4 Tipler Data Scientist, Source
Aashita Kesarwani Theory of the Generalized Modified Bessel Function Kz,w (X) and 2-Adic Valuations of Integer Sequences 2017 5 Moll Data Scientist, Harvey Mudd College
Hui Li Wavelet-Based Estimation for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Mixed Fractional Processes 2017 5 Didier Statistician, Johnson & Johnson
Forest Mannan Singly-Periodic Flow and Simulation of Cilia 2017 5 Cortez Faculty, Western Colorado University



Master Students