Independent Study Research

Independent study research is a rigorous academic experience equivalent to courses of the same number of credits. Students will have the opportunity to explore a topic in greater depth than available in a regular course.  Independent study credit is not given for paid work. The research is carefully planned by the student in consultation with the faculty research advisor who has expertise in the topic of study.  Students sign up for Independent Study (NSCI 4910 or 4920) by submitting the independent study form to the Neuroscience program coordinator for credit during the Fall and Spring semesters. The student should meet regularly with the independent study instructor or researcher (graduate student, postdoc, technician) supervising the project. The meetings are for guidance, critical discussion, and demonstration of progress throughout the semester.

Credits:  Independent studies may be up to 3 credits (one, two or three credits) that are A-F graded. (NOTE: after 6 credits of NSCI 4910, students must sign up for NSCI 4920: S/U credit)
Level of effort: Each credit awarded represents:
1 credit  –  Study/Research time must be an average of 3 to 5 hours a week.
2 credits – Study/Research time must be an average of 6 to 9 hours a week.
3 credits – Study/Research time must be an average of 10 to 12 hours a week.

To Register

Fill out the independent study form with your faculty research supervisor. If you are working in a non-Tulane laboratory, you will need to have your Neuroscience major advisor sign on as your instructor of record who will be in contact with your research supervisor about your progress doing the research. The title of the independent study must fit within 30 characters of spaces, as indicated on the form. This will be the name that appears on your official transcript. If can be as generic as "neuroscience research" or more specific, e.g., "molecular mechanisms of stress". Once the form is completed and signed by both you and your supervisor (and major advisor, if needed), email it to the Neuroscience program coordinator, Porshia Evans.

Once the program coordinator receives the form, she will process it and register you for independent study (NSCI 4910 or 4920). When you are registered for the course, you will receive an email from Porshia Evans, notifying you that your independent study research has been added to your schedule.

For any questions or concerns email Porshia Evans.