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BATS Workshops

Due to the number of students that enroll in our program, we cannot take requests to participate in any particular workshops. Thank you for understanding!

Our Diverse Planet
Ever wondered what your house looked like from space? In this workshop, we’ll learn about Google Earth and how geologists use satellite images to learn about our world. We’ll explore places near and far and learn about how different landscapes are formed across the globe!

Exploring Your Brain
Become brain scientists and discover how our brains allow us to feel, think, and remember. You’ll touch & explore real brains and conduct experiments to learn how our nervous system works.

Fluids, Bubbles, and Slime
This workshop is about the science of fluids. It is also about getting your hands wet and slimy, so roll up your sleeves! Have you ever heard that oil and water don’t mix, that they don’t like each other? In this workshop, you will see how you can make them friendly and make them mix. You will learn how to make a chunk of iron float in water and you will make a soap powered boat. Using our secret recipe, you will prepare a bowl of liquid slime that becomes rock hard when you punch it!

Hour of Code
The Hour of Code is a global movement by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org that has reached tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Join them for a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming.

Math and Games
Like to play games? This workshop will introduce you to a few new games and you'll explore how to find the best strategies to win! Can you use math to find a strategy that works every time?

The Missing Tooth
We will explore a sample of 10 million year old shark teeth from Gainesville, Florida. We will take a virtual field trip to the site of collection before playing with and sorting through a real life sample! Come find some fossils with us...

New Life in Buried Bones
Learn how human bones are like a “boney diary” that record all sorts of information about a person: your health, the food you eat, and even injuries! Discover how studying human bones and mummies can help us explore the archaeological mysteries of the past. Learn how examining skeletal remains can be useful in solving modern-day crimes. Let’s bring human bones to life!

Polymer Bouncy Balls
In this workshop we will perform a chemical reaction using three household products to turn liquid glue into a bouncy ball. This experiment teaches the versatility of polymers and how polymers are important in science and everyday life.

Polymer Hydrogels
Why are diapers super absorbent? In between the layers of plastic and cotton fibers is a hydrogel, or “water-gel.” Come perform experiments with us to explore the properties of hydrogels. How much water can they hold? Which brand of diapers is really the best?

Power from the Sun
In one hour, more energy from sunlight reaches the Earth than the amount of energy humans use in a full year! Photovoltaic cells can capture sunlight, converting it directly to electricity. In this workshop, we will work with photovoltaic solar cells to explore how sunlight is collected and used to power electronics.

The Secret World of Fungi
Fungi are everywhere! Join us in looking at fungi in crazy places and grow your own pet fungi. Help us make new discoveries about the fungi on Tulane’s campus.

Seven Layer Density Experiment
What if you could stack seven different liquids in seven different layers? Think of it as a science burrito!