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It is no surprise that bringing together our scientists and engineers has allowed Tulane to excel in developing new technologies and innovative breakthroughs. By supporting the Physics and Engineering Physics Department at Tulane (PEP), you will assist in impacting our student and faculty research that benefits communities throughout the world. Our students and faculty work in areas that range from nanoscience technology in healthcare to creating new materials for energy sustainability. Your gift to the Physics and Engineering Physics department will allow us to purchase state-of-the-art lab equipment, maintain lab and classroom spaces, and fund student projects and travel. We know that continuing to expand our program and the services we offer to our students is very important. We greatly appreciate your support in creating this outstanding academic experience.

Giving to the PEP Endowed Fund, your generosity will be used to support the following initiatives:

Student Programs

  • Society of Physics Students - Tulane Chapter
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering - Tulane Chapter
  • Student Travel Expenses and Conference Registration Fees
  • FE Exam Preparation for Engineer Licensure

Student Projects

  • Honors Thesis Research
  • Senior Design Projects
  • Independent Study Projects

Student Awards

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate Research
  • Graduate Teaching

Faculty Support

  • Research Support
  • Visiting Lecturers and Speaker Series
  • Instructional Tools and Methods

Student Tools and Equipment

  • Classroom Demonstration Equipment
  • Undergraduate Lab Tools and Resources
  • Updated Equipment for Lab Courses
  • Education and Maintenance for Current Equipment

To donate to PEP, please follow the link below and enter the gift amount next to "Department of Physics and Engineering Physics". Then, if you would like to direct your donation towards a specific initiative within PEP, you may optionally indicate your intent in the 'Specify if you selected "Other":' box.

Give to PEP

We truly appreciate you considering the opportunity to support the Physics and Engineering Physics Department at Tulane University. Your generosity will allow us to maintain a level of educational excellence that is unique to our students, faculty, and alumni. 

Thank you,

Lev Kaplan
Department Chair and Professor of Physics and Engineering Physics

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Hannah Ganzel
Administrative Program Coordinator
2001 Percival Stern Hall
(504) 862-3169

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