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Tulane's School of Science and Engineering is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We are actively preparing for online teaching and monitoring developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information, click here.

Faculty and all instructors in the School of Science and Engineering: Please login to Canvas for the most recent announcements and teaching instructions.

Reasons to attend the GPC Training Academy

1. Receive an in-depth overview of the theory and background of GPC.

2. Learn about other novel polymer characterization techniques.

3. Receive hands-on GPC training with cutting-edge software and modules.

4. Gain an objective assessment of available methods and tools.

5. Engage with world-experts in polymer characterization for tips, mini-consulting sessions and other one-on-one opportunities.

6. Further GPC insight 

  • Going from standard calibration to multi-detector GPC
  • When GPC works and when it doesn't

7. Learn from several GPC instructors with different backgrounds.

8. Following the GPC Training Academy, gain ongoing access to the GPC instructors and a private LinkedIn group comprised of Academy alumni.

9. Spend the weekend in New Orleans! 

About the GPC Training Academy

Since 2010, the Tulane-PolyRMC GPC Training Academy has held more than a dozen courses and has trained more than 125 scientists and engineers. More than 80% of attendees are industry participants and the remainder are from government and academic institutions. PolyRMC is an academic institution with an educational goal of providing an objective view of all the tools and techniques available for polymer characterization with a GPC focus.