Prototyping and Product Development

Tulane is committed to helping students, faculty, and staff who are developing new products and designs. An important aspect is the iterative creation of prototypes in a space that encourages innovative thinking.

Maker Row on Engineering Road has modern tools for prototype production in plastic, wood, and metal, and access to machine tools for fabrication of uncomplicated metal objects.

The Sculpture Studio in the Department of Art offers welding in aluminum and steel, plasma cutting, and foundry facilitities.  Contact Professor Dan Alley for an appointment to review your project.

The Laitram Machine Shop is our partner and offers engineering consultation on improving designs to facilitate manufacturing. They can also provide precision machining services in aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless. For cost accounting and quality control tracking, requests for Laitram services should be routed through the Maker Row Project Director, Professor Cedric Walker.

Tulane is a corporate member of the Idiya community Maker Space in Broadmoor.  Faculty, Staff, and students who need to use Idiya's facilities can make arrangements with the Maker Row Project Director, Professor Cedric Walker.

Digital files are used for almost all prototyping. Autodesk offers free copies of Fusion 360 to University affiliates by download.

Download Here