Thomas J. Hebert, Ph.D.

Senior Professor of Practice

(504) 862-8331
School of Science & Engineering
Thomas Hebert

Education & Affiliations

Ph.D., 1996, Tulane University


Dr. Hebert is a behavioral neuroscientist with a background in neuroendocrinology and neuroanatomy.  He coordinates and instructs lab courses in the Neuroscience Teaching Laboratory.  These courses include contemporary research techniques in the behavioral neurosciences, including live animal models utilizing controlled substances and small animal surgery.


2021A Percival Stern Hall

Courses Taught

Introductory Psychology: PSYC 1000

Sensation and Perception: PSYC/NSCI 3770

Sensation and Perception Laboratory Coordinator: PSYC/NSCI 3775

Psychopharmacology Laboratory Coordinator: PSYC/NSCI 4535

Biopsychology Laboratory Coordinator: PSYC/NSCI 4515

Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory Coordinator: PSYC/NSCI 4385