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Research Domains

Interest: Biotechnology
Faculty: Moore

Interest: Biofluid Mechanics and Transport
Faculty: Bull, GaverKhismatulin

Interest: Imaging
Faculty: Bayer, Bull, Brown, Moore

Interest: Biomechanics
Faculty: Miller


TI2EHM has 7500 ft2 of laboratory space on the 4th floor of the J. Bennett Johnston Building (JBJ). This includes a shared "ballroom" laboratory and 5 smaller research spaces.

The Tissue Culture Core Lab is fully equipped with laminar flow hoods, vacuum aspiration systems, incubators, refrigerated tabletop centrifuge and microscopes.

The Microscopy Suite houses a Nikon TE-2000i fluorescent microscope. The semi-automated microscope utilizes a software program to help analyze the data captured. The room is stocked with syringe pumps and a stereoscope to assist with visualization needs.

TI2EHM has access to an ice machine, autoclaves and a water filtration system also located on the 4th floor of the JBJ.

To learn more about our facilities and shared equipment please email: TI2EHM@tulane.edu.


Tulane Institute for Integrative Engineering for Health and Medicine has affiliations with the following Tulane departments and research institutes.

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Collaborations with School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

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Collaborations with School of Science & Engineering

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Collaborations with Research Centers/Interdisciplinary Programs

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