Xavier/Tulane 3 + 2 Engineering Program

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The Xavier/Tulane 3 + 2 Engineering Program consists of:

  • a B.A. or B.S. degree with a major at Xavier University of Louisiana
  • a B.S.E. degree with an engineering major at Tulane University

Overview of the Program

This program is designed to give a solid academic background in the sciences and mathematics that are essential to persons who are interested in becoming engineers. At Xavier, students are provided with the counseling, academic, and other support services that will maximize their opportunity for completion of the first three years of the program. Students take three years of basic science, mathematics, engineering, and liberal arts courses. During this time, students also can take classes at Tulane through the consortium program. When the three-year program at Xavier is completed successfully, students transfer to Tulane to complete training in biomedical engineering (BME), chemical and biomolecular engineering (CBE) or Engineering Physics (ENGP). At Tulane, students will work with an advisor in their chosen major, a Newcomb Tulane College advisor, and other support services to ensure their success in the program. It is expected that students will, with normal course loads, be able to complete their undergraduate training in two years at Tulane.

To learn more about each of these programs, go to their websites:

  • BME
  • CBE
  • ENGP: As part of the ENGP program, students also have the option of specializing by earning a certificate in Mechanical, Electrical, Materials, or Computational Engineering.

Steps to Follow

Interested students should do the following to prepare for and apply to the program.

  • Work with their Xavier major advisor and the Xavier program director, Dr. Shafiqul Islam, to make sure they are completing all Xavier requirements.
  • During the student’s sophomore and junior year, in consultation with the student’s major advisor at Xavier and program advisor at Tulane, take one or more engineering courses through the consortium.
  • By the end of the sophomore year, complete the Step 1 Application and send it to Dr. Beth Wee, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in Tulane’s School of Science and Engineering.
  • In the fall of the junior year, complete Step 2 Application and send it to Dr. Beth Wee.
  • In the fall of the junior year, apply to Tulane as a transfer student. Questions about this process should be directed to Kristin Guidry, Senior Admissions Counselor.
  • Stay in touch with the program advisor in your area of interest:
  • Upon acceptance into the program, students should meet regularly with their Tulane major advisor and the Newcomb Tulane College advisor for this program, Natalia Diaz, and utilize all available resources to ensure their successful completion of the program.