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Masters Program Requirements

Who is Eligible?

The student must be enrolled in a B.S. program in at least one of the SSE degree-awarding units.  The B.S. requirements will guarantee that the student has a substantial background in the application area.


In addition to the requirements of the B.S. degree, the following course must be taken: Math 3310/6310: Scientific Computing I.  With approval by the CCS Director, some students may take CENG 3230, PHYS 3170 or CMPS 2200 as a substitute.

Course Requirements

24 hours (8 courses) must be taken to complete the masters. Up to 6 credits may be taken during years 1-4 as courses that double count toward the undergraduate major and the Masters degree. Up to an additional 6 credits during years 1-4 may be taken as part of the Masters degree (but not count toward the major).

  1. MATH7570 Computing II (numerical linear algebra) or equivalent
  2. MATH7580 Computing III (numerical differential equations) or equivalent
  3. COSC3000/6000 C++ Programming for Science and Engineering
  4. COSC3100/6100 Data Visualization
  5. COSC3200/6200 Large-scale Computation
  6. One course from Group A
  7. Two courses from Group B, one with approval from CCS advisor

Group A (theory and applications)

  1. MATH4470/6470 Analytical Methods of Applied Mathematics
  2. MATH7310 Applied Mathematics I
  3. MATH7320 Applied Mathematics II
  4. BMEN7610 Bioelectricity
  5. BMEN7230 Biomaterials
  6. BMEN7300 Biomechanics
  7. BMEN6420 Biotransport Phenomena
  8. BMEN6330 Biofluid Mechanics
  9. CENG6770 Advances in Biotechnology
  10. CHEM7120 Statistical Mechanics
  11. NSCI7110 Graduate Neuroscience
  12. EBIO7270 Population Ecology
  13. PHYS7170 Quantum Mechanics or the 600-level equivalent of PHYS447
  14. PHYS6080 Surface Science
  15. Other courses with approval from CCS advisor

Group B (computing courses)

  1. MATH7740 Special Topics in Computational Mathematics
  2. CHEM7140 Computational Quantum Chemistry
  3. MATH7360 Data Analysis
  4. BMEN6620 Multiscale Modeling of Biophysical Systems
  5. Other courses with approval from program director