The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to teach and do research in the mathematical sciences. We aim to be a department which is both intensely research-active and student-centered. This is to be done in an environment that fosters close working relationships among undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty.

The Mathematics Department at Tulane University offers a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics as well as Master of Science degrees in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and in Statistics. Senior Undergraduate students majoring in mathematics or other sciences with a strong interest in mathematics, and people who already hold undergraduate degrees in mathematics or other sciences, are encouraged to apply for admission to any one of the graduate programs.

Faculty in the Mathematics Department have active research in areas of Algebra, Domain Theory and Theoretical Computer Science, Geometry and Topology, Symbolic Analysis, Applied Mathematics and Partial Differential Equations, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, Probability and Statistics.