Mathematics is used in a remarkable diversity of areas in science, engineering, and the social sciences. Many students in these areas are already taking many math classes that are either required for or related to their major programs. Such students should consider extending their study of mathematics to complete a minor in mathematics. This can bolster their preparation and competitiveness for future jobs and graduate or professional schools such as Business School. The requirements for the minor are Math 1210, Math 1220 (or 1310), Math 2210, Math 3090 and 2 more math courses as the 3000 level or above (where Math 2170 or Math 2240, but not both) may be subsituted for one of these 3000 level courses. Frequently, students who start a math minor program find that they like it so much that they go on to complete a major, which requires only 4 more courses beyond the minor. For more information on the minor program, see the Director of the Major Program, currently Professor Prof. Tai H. Ha, Chair of the Math department.