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Research Seminars: Graduate Student Colloquium

Spring 2021

Time & Location: All talks are on Tuesdays at 5:00 PM unless otherwise noted.
Organizer: Houser, Hayden



February 2

Title: Living your best life with symbolic math software
Dana Ferranti | Tulane University

Abstract: I've only recently started using symbolic math software in my research and I wish I started earlier. This talk will focus on a few ways that one can use symbolic math software to make their workflow more efficient, as well as its limitations. For my examples I will be using the open source SymPy, however, the concepts will be applicable to other software.

Time: 5:00pm
Zoom ID: 954 0971 2190


February 9

Title: Linearity Testing
Victor Bankston | Tulane University

Abstract: We will discuss techniques for deciding if a Boolean function is linear.

Time: 5:00pm
Zoom ID: 954 0971 2190


February 23

Title: A tutorial on Peirce's Graphical Logic
Alex Nisbet | Tulane University

Abstract: Charles S. Peirce was in important figure in the development of the ``algebra of logic'' in the second half of the 19th and early 20th century. In particular, he is known for his contributions in developing Boole's system, the logic of relatives, and quantification. Indeed, the algebraic notation he used is more-or-less what we use today, after some symbolic changes by Peano. Less well-known is Peirce's system of graphical logic, which he preferred to the algebraic notation. Here I will give a brief tutorial on the alpha and beta parts of this system. The alpha part corresponds to propositional logic and the beta to first order logic with equality.

Time: 5:00pm
Zoom ID: 954 0971 2190