Undergraduate Studies

Our department offers both a Major and a Minor in Mathematics. The Math Major provides students with the breadth of knowledge required to excel in a variety of careers including medicine, law, finance and technology-related industries. In addition, our Math Major also provides excellent preparation for those students who want to pursue graduate studies. The flexibility in our curriculum allows students to emphasize core math, applied math, or statistics.

The Math Minor offers students majoring in other disciplines the opportunity to develop a strong mathematical background and increase their competitiveness for future jobs or post-baccalaureate studies.

Graduate Studies

Our department offers Masters degrees in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics as well as a Ph.D. Degree in Mathematics, which can have an emphasis in any of the three areas mentioned. The Masters degrees emphasize different aspects of theory and applications in order to prepare the students for either continuing studies at the Ph.D. Level or employment.

The Ph.D. Program prepares the students for a career in research at a university, a government agency or in industry. Our faculty members are actively engaged in research and mentoring so that doctoral students can choose a faculty advisor according to the students’ interests.