Masters Programs

Derek Dashti in lab

You will find masters programs at Tulane which are designed to enhance your employment opportunities as well as to assist you in pursing admission to doctoral programs and professional schools. A masters degree may take from one year to two years to complete, depending on the program. Students entering a masters program may qualify for a discounted tuition rate under the recommendation of the department.

Applications for Admissions

Masters Programs opened to all applicants:

With permission of department and instructor, students also may enroll as non-degree special students but they must have a bachelor's degree prior to enrollment as a non-degree graduate level student.

* The Computer Science In-Person and Online Only options have different applications and ESL requirements and the cost of attendance is different as in-person students are expected to be enrolled full time and pay full time tuition and fees.

4+1 Masters Programs 

The 4+1 (Internal) Masters programs at Tulane University provide Tulane undergraduates with the opportunity to earn a masters degree in a single year following the completion of the bachelor’s degree. Tuition for the 4+1 masters programs in the School of Science and Engineering is at a discounted rate off of  the regular graduate tuition.  You MUST graduate with your undergraduate degree prior to being formally enrolled in a 4+1 Masters Degree Program.  

Students should apply for the 4+1 MS program in their Senior year at Tulane.

4+1 Masters Degree Programs are offered in the following disciplines

Tulane Students who want to learn more about the admissions and tuition for the Tulane 4+1 MS program should speak to their department advisor or chair for more information. All of the 4+1 MS programs are in person programs and we expect students to be enrolled full time and complete all requirements within 1 year.  Students requiring more than 1 year will need approval from the Associate Dean of MS Programs - Dr. Dahleh.

Special Tuition Rates and/or Scholarships offered by one MS program are not transferrable to another MS program.