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To find individual people, please browse through the categories below:


Igor Rubtsov
Email: chemistrychair@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-8472
Office: Stern 2015C / Israel 504

Research Faculty

Alexander L. Burin
Email: aburin@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3574
Office: Israel 508

Nathalie Busschaert
Email: nbusschaert@tulane.edu
Phone: 314-7672
Office: Stern 5088

Larry D. Byers
Email: byers@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3578
Office: Stern 5045

James P. Donahue
Email: donahue@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3562
Office: Israel 506

Mark Fink
Email: fink@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3568
Office: Stern 5008

Bruce Gibb
Email: bgibb@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-8136
Office: Stern 5011

Scott M. Grayson
Email: sgrayson@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-8135
Office: Stern 4073A

Michael F. Herman
Email: mherman@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3582
Office: Stern 5010

Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah
Email: jananj@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3580
Office: Stern 5027

Brent Koplitz
Email: brent@tulane.edu
Office: Stern 5079

Joel T. Mague
Email: joelt@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3585
Office: Stern 5018

Gary McPherson
Email: garym@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3567
Office: Stern 5065

Alex McSkimming
Email: amcskimming@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3555
Office: Stern 5078

Robert Pascal
Email: rpascal@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3547
Office: Stern 5092

Igor Rubtsov
Email: irubtsov@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-8943
Office: Israel 504

Russ Schmehl
Email: russ@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3566
Office: Stern 5059

Mark Sulkes
Email: cm06acf@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3587
Office: Stern 5067

Teaching Faculty

Folasade Faulkner 
Email: ffaulkne@tulane.edu

Heiko Jacobsen
Email: jheiko@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3571
Office: Stern 5073A

Courtney Lopreore
Email: lopreore@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3553
Office: Stern 5006

Pete Punthasee
Email: ppunthasee@tulane.edu
Office: Stern 5035D

Carol Zhang
Email: czhang1@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3586
Office: Stern 5035C

Emeritus Faculty

William Alworth
Email: alworth@tulane.edu

Mel Levy
Email: mlevy@tulane.edu

Harry Ensley
Email: hensley@tulane.edu


James Bollinger | Instrumentation Specialist
Email: jimbo@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3561
Office: Stern 5004

Morgan Bonds | Administrative Program Coordinator
Email: mbonds1@tulane.edu
Phone: 247-1813
Office: Stern 5049

Troy Bryant | Stockroom Supervisor
Email: tbryant3@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3591
Stern 1027
Department Order Form

Jennifer French | Administrative Program Coordinator
Email: jfrench2@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3572
Office: Stern 2015D

Michael Johnson | Sr. Instrumentation Specialist
Email: mjohnso6@tulane.edu
Office: Stern 5077

Walter Pons | Financial Associate
Email: wpons@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3588
Office: Stern 1027

Jessica Stephenson | Department Administrator
Email: jsteph3@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3590
Office: Stern 2015-A

Xiaodong Zhang | Sr. Instrumentation Specialist
Email: xzhang2@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3583

Qi Zhao | NMR Lab Manager
Email: qzhao@tulane.edu
Phone: 862-3579
Office: Stern 5035-A

Post Doctoral Researchers

Corinne Gibb
PI: Gibb
Email: cgibb@tulane.edu
Office Phone: 862-3552
Office: Stern 5017A
Lab Phone: 862-3559

Hassan Gneid
PI: Busschaert
Email: hgneid@tulane.edu

Graduate Students

Mahi Ahmad                     

Jamie Armstrong
Research Advisor: Fink

Berk Atuk
Email: eatuk@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Jayawickramarajah

Hannah Aziz
Email: haziz@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Gibb

Justin Barnes
Email: jbarnes5@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Donahue

Noah Beltrami
Email: nbeltram@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Jayawickramarajah

Qingxin Chen
Email: qchen13@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Schmehl

Surid Chowdhury
Email: schowdhury@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Busschaert

Brennan Curole
Email: bcurole1@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Grayson

Titir Das Gupta
Email: tdasgupta@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Donahue

Dilanka Dilrukshi
Email: wdilruks@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Jayawickramarajah

Yuchen Du
Email: ydu8@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Pascal

Mario Gonzalez
Email: mgonzalez1@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Busschaert

Li Gu
Email: lgu@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: McSkimming

Andre Hebert
Email: ahebert12@tulane.edu

Sarah Herschede
Email: sherschede@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Busschaert

Md Muhaiminul Islam
Email: mislam4@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Rubtsov

Yahya Ismaiel
Email: yismaiel@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Gibb

Moamen Ismail
Email: mismail@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Jayawickramarajah

Valeriia Karpovych
Email: vkarpovych@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Sulkes

Christopher Keller
Email: ckeller3@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Grayson

Ezazul Khan
Email: ekhan@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Schmehl

Jenny Soo Kim
Email: skim27@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Gibb

Tammy Leong
Email: tleong@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Rubtsov

Furman Marshall
Email: fmarsha@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Rubtsov

Sarah Marshall
Email: smarshall1@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Busschaert

Jimmy Martinez               

Dalath Kasun Mendis
Email: dmendis@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Rubstov

Kun Meng
Email: kmeng@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Jayawickramarajah

Ashley Miles
Email: amiles4@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Grayson

Milon Mohanta
Email: mmohanta@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Jayawickramarajah

Sithara Nawagamuwage
Email: snawagamuwage@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Rubtsov

Emmanuel Ojah               

Igor Parshin
Email: iparshin@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Burin

Priyanka Prusty                

Atahar Rabby
Email: arabby@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Schmehl/Donahue

Gayathri Ragunathan
Email: gragunat@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Donahue

McKenna Redding
Email: mredding1@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Grayson

Rayhanus Salam
Email: rsalam@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Busschaert

Zowie Saxman
Email: zsaxman@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Rubtsov

Ca'ra Schexnayder
Email: cschexn@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Grayson

Juliet Seidel
Email: jseidel@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Fink

Sanduni Siriwardhana
Email: nthalaththanirallage@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Rubtsov

Artem Sribnyi
Email: asribniy@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Rubstov

Paolo Suating
Email: psuating@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Gibb

Jared Taylor
Email: jtaylor10@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Donahue

Thien Tran
Email: ttran25@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Gibb

Ryan Vik
Email: rvik@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Jayawickramarajah

Ruiqing Wang
Email: rwang20@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Gibb

Elliot Williams
Email: ewilliams@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Busschaert

Anthony Wishard
Email: awishard@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Gibb

Che Wu
Email: cwu13@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Donahue

Yujian Xu
Email: yxu24@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Gibb

Jin Yan
Email: jyan4@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Sulkes

Mohammad Amin Zarandi
Email: mzarandi@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Jayawickramarajah

Shuangjie Zhao
Email: szhao6@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Schmehl

Fengqi Zhang
Email: fzhang6@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Schmehl

Junhan Zhou
Email: jzhou11@tulane.edu
Research Advisor: Rubtsov